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Amy: To catch everyone up to speed, there’s presently a project called ‘Lived Below the Line’ that requires individuals to attempt to live below the poverty line, utilizing only $1.50 a day for meals since that’d be the US dollar equivalent of severe poverty.

I’ve actually seen individuals partake in this challenge and I think it’s stupid. I get that it can make individuals familiar with just how little people the impoverished live with, but I don’t think this project is in fact efficient at affecting any replace. Individuals who’ll just do the obstacle for 2 weeks, then go back to living their typical lives.

Claire: It’s nearly disparaging to individuals who do need to survive $1.50 a day, since that’s their life, it’s their reality. It’s not some game. Exactly what’s the point? Exactly what’re you trying to show? I don’t think it benefits anyone.

Bishoy (our new author!): There’s no substitute like experience, right? Not a lot of people wish to experience this experience. If I were to review someone’s experience on how they experienced simulated poverty for a month, I ‘d feel more humbleness. It’d make me more simple, it’d make me look at my own spending.

Claire: I think if you are doing it and you are someone like Ben Affleck, it brings awareness to the problem.

Amy: Even Ben Affleck doing it … the truth that extremely-rich-Ben Affleck is doing it really minimizes the entire cause for me. He’s a big figure and he’d bring awareness, however to me it’s a really temporary awareness. It will disappear as early as people find another person to concentrate on.

Claire: I don’t think it’s very well thought-out, individuals resembling poverty just due to the fact that Ben Affleck doing it. I saw this documentary where these guys went to Guatemala and they are living on really little a day due to the fact that people down there are exceptionally poor. The documentary was good because they were part of the area. They began farming their own radishes and they tried to immerse themselves in the culture. They taught the neighborhood English … certainly people can’t just remove and do that, however something like that’s way more purposeful than living your privileged life below and doing a poverty “difficulty” for a week.

Amy: And a lot of people doing the difficulty figure that $1.50 a day means $10.50 a week, so they’ll purchase $10.50 worth of groceries in advance to try to last with the week. People residing in actual poverty don’t have the luxury of doing that! To simply spent $10.50 in advance and see how they can last with the week with just that. Occasionally they live on $0.50 a day, sometimes more. These are the reasons why this cash difficulty ring so incorrect to me.

Bishoy: However let us look at it from this point of view: has not already the difficulty been effective currently? Has not it raised awareness? I suggest, we are discussing it. Does not it make you more aware of your spending?

Claire: However how does assist those in poverty ?!

Bishoy: Exactly what I can secure of this on a favorable note is maybe reduce my spending and shed light on providing charity.

Amy: This ties to a great piece of news, the information of a factory in Bangladesh breaking down and killing even more than 1,000 individuals. That plant made economical clothing for ginormous merchants right here. Individuals were horrified that it occurred, but they are not going to stop buying cheap garments. Those who’re bad depend on the economical apparel so that they can stay clothed, and there are those who just don’t want to give up looking for cheap delights at H&M, Zara, or the GAP.

Problems like these need to be addressed from the top-down, not from choosing at the troubles after they have already seeped to the masses then trying to reverse them. It doesn’t work like that.