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Inspired by our most recent article on the psychology behind grocery store tricks, we discussed our personal experiences when it comes to this subject. Our cumulative answer to ‘Have shop tricks ever tricked you?’ might surprise you.

Kat: So, exactly what in fact gets me a lot is when establishments line up their samples and extra add-on type items to the waiting line at the register. We are all just awaiting our rely on pay and we are tired so we look around. But aha! They have planted what they want us to impulsively add on to our purchase, and boy does it work. Like, in Sephora they always get me with that.

Jerry: Yeah that’s true actually.

Theresa: Well, I have learned a lot about tricks in the process of composing the post. What I think is the most unusual is when supermarkets market advertise their equipments as having’50 % More!’ but they are really charging you for it. As consumers, we think that’s a wonderful value, however in reality, we are paying even more to obtain that extra quantity.

Kat: I did not know that!

Theresa: Yeah, exactly! How about you, Simon?

Simon: Well, mine is rather comparable. Back in university I’d see advertisements marketing 10 sodas for $10. It was a catchy marketing scheme, and I thought each time I’d to buy ten sodas. However in truth, I didn’t. I realized much later that the deal still uses, even if you only purchase a number of sodas. They are each just $1 however since of the phrasing, you think you need to buy 10.

Kat: Oh wow, I did not know that one either. How about you Gerry?

Jerry: One intriguing method they get you is by promoting a buy two get one free deal, which is an additional fantastic value. But in actuality, a similar offer you get more of an imagine is the ’50 cents off’ kind sale for as many as you want. They’ll readjust their costs so that when you are ‘getting one complimentary,’ you are not really getting it complimentary. Individuals tend to go for the first one though, since as soon as again, it’s that mindset of getting value.

Theresa: Yeah, that’s one I review too! It’s crazy how many tricks they’ve up their sleeves when it concerns getting us to spend.