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This week, the MyBankTracker team changed things up and took the chance to review our own banking experiences instead of making you guys do all the heavy lifting.

Simon: I, very luckily, haven’t had a bad banking experience. My important one was when I was in college in 2005, and I’d incurred an overdraft on my student checking account with Bank of America.

If I might deposit money into the account prior to the product was credited the account, I would not incur the overdraft, however since I did not have enough time, I was visiting sustain it. But considering that it was my first overdraft charge, Bank of America waived it, and I did not inquire to waive it, so that’s why it sticks out in my mind.

Amy: Can’t provide them too much credit for that one! It was your first overdraft and it was on a student account at that!

Claire: My important experience has got to be with Ally Bank up until now. I could not get on the internet site to complete a deal, and when I called, the customer service rep was apologizing a lot. I nearly wished to state, “It’s okay! It’s not your fault.”

They dealt with the deal over the phone and the rep was extremely good.

My worst experience was probably with Chase years back. The phone call I’d with their customer service rep was one of the worst phone calls ever before. I think they outsourced their customer support to the Philippines, so the connection of the call was awful, and I could not hear or understand anything that was going on. It was painful.

Amy: Men, these are so tame compared to my own worst banking experience.

About two years ago, my dad was banking with HSBC and one day he noticed that a big chunk of money was gone from the account, about three-four thousand dollars. We went to the branch to attempt to find out what happened, but they directed us to call their customer support facility. Bad indicator # 1.

I talked with people on the phone during two weeks, each time getting directed to a different division and guarantees that they’d “get back to me” after they “examine the case.”

To make an extremely long story brief: after numerous exchanges with consumer reps over the phone and lots of branch agents that kept directing us back to their consumer call center instead of figuring it out themselves, a branch manager got roped in to examine.

Once she did that, she found out that money from my father’s account was inadvertently sent out to another person. That’s right! Our cash got sent out to another person.

What’d occurred was that our account number was similar to an additional client, and in the procedure of transferring money, a digit in our account number was dropped, makinged the brand-new string of numbers the account variety of an additional customer, hence the wrongful transaction.

To this day it boggles my mind that a bank with billions in properties that’s spent an unmentionable quantity of cash on technology and infrastructure might’ve allowed for that to occur.

I helped my father close his account instantly, and I in fact really regret that we did not take legal action, since I make certain there need to’ve been a case there.

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