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Here at, we regularly write about money and individual finance, so when the editorial staff and I were conceptualizing on how to be more aware of our spending practices, we decided to take part in a one-week money obstacle. For our first week, we propose this difficulty: is it possible to limit ourselves to just $25 for eating out?

For the difficulty, our $25 spending plan won’t include trips to the supermarket, but it’ll apply to dining establishments, bars, and cafe!

This test will be specifically tough for those of us who eat in restaurants fairly regularly or get coffee several times a day. There are some methods to work around the $25 limitation, that includes remaining in and cooking, preparing lunches at home, and making coffee rather of buying it.

We’ll check back in next Monday, March 25 to see how effective (or unsuccessful) we were. If you likewise want to be more aware about your spending practices, we’d adore for our MBT readers to participate! Leave your comment on this post, or on our Facebook web page.

Good luck and select where your dollars will go sensibly!