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Last month, the MyBankTracker team embarked on a selling challenge in an effort to clean out a few of our old belongings and make money. Let us see who managed to make the most cash offering their products.

Claire: I was able to offer both my iPods and Flip Cam for $50 to someone on Yardsale, the app. I thought it’d cost a little more, since the products were still in good condition, however I was pleased that it sold because they were just sitting in my work desk in the house, using up space. It was a quite easy sell, as I’d several offers immediately after I put it up. I was too lazy to delete the songs on the iPods, so if the brand-new owner likes residence music, he’ll be delighted.

Bishoy: I required to Craigslist to offer among my old and well-loved sets of tennis shoes. The De La Soul Dunks were one of the leading dunks that’d actually ever been made by Nike. The famous tennis shoes retailed for around $200 when first launched however have a massive $650 retail price today (brand brand-new). My set were in reasonable condition and I was requesting $250. I received two emails, both requesting settlement on a lower rate. The first purchaser wanted the pair for $150, I decreased. The 2nd purchaser offered $180 and after some thought, I countered with $200 and he declined.

I’m presently stuck with the tennis shoes but I don’t mind keeping an old piece of my childhood, a minimum of till someone provides a sufficient cost.

Simon: For the de-cluttering difficulty, I set up a pair of flexible pinheads for sale on Craigslist. I purchased them 3 years ago for about $260 after taxes and shipping, which is lower than the current retail price of $300 (omitting taxes and shipping). Since I’ve access to the gym now, it was an excellent time to sell them. My asking rate was $280, with the expectation that a purchaser would work out down. I have gotten a couple of emails from interested purchasers. Someone was about to make plans to select them up for $250, but flaked at the last minute. I think they’ll sell, however it may spend some time.

Amy: I win! I sold three sets of shoes that I’ve actually been indicating to obtain rid of for forever, and though I barely earned back what I paid for them, I netted $91 before eBay’s fees. Offering shoes can be an inconvenience, and it’s one of those errands that can remain on an individual’s order of business permanently, so I am pleased that the challenge provided me incentive to get it done.

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User Vanessa who took part in the first de-cluttering Money Challenge short article, is the winner and will receive a $50 Amex present card! Congratulations, Vanessa!

Email us at editor [@] to claim your prize. Thanks to all those who took part!