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Last week, MyBankTracker embarked on a task a little various than our previous Money Obstacle experiments. We wished to see if we can make a DIY fly trap that was more cost-effective and more functional than the ones we could find in stores.

The result?

Well, let us just state the jury is still out on this one. Using our technique of making a sugar water combination, we found that we were able to attract even more fruit flies than their bigger cousins. It was good to be able to obtain rid of the fruit flies in our houses, however regrettably, it did not do what we want with the flies.

We did some further study to see if there was any way for us to customize the components in the bottle so that it could be much better at drawing in and capturing the flies, and the options, such as using a piece of rotting meat or making a vinegar solution, were much too annoying (and undesirable for our noses) to complete.


We attempted using a foul-smelling piece of rosemary turkey, however possibly the flies were too clever to succumb to it, as none ventured inside the trap.

Perhaps this is one DIY much better left reversed?

But for this week, let’s understand what your preferred DIY job is and just how much cash it conserved you and you might be gotten in to succeed a $50 AMEX Gift Card!

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