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For MyBankTracker’s following Cash Difficulty we are visiting advance a job that we attempted half-heartedly a while back, but this time, do it with even more vigor.

In the first week of the difficulty, we’ll be tracking every expenditure we make, then in the 2nd week, we’ll attempt to halve our spending. We’ll be keeping in mind all of our expenses outside of rent, utilities, and costs.

We will keep you upgraded on the money we are investing, what we discover about our spending habits, and how simple or hard it’s to conscientiously reduce our spending.

We’d love for our readers to participate the difficulty. Every reader that takes part in today’s challenge will be taken part in a random drawing for a prize that we’ll reveal at the beginning of April. Let’s understand of your progress on Facebook or in the comments area below and we will enter you into the illustration.

We’ll check back next Monday, April 1 to give a rundown of our week’s costs. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment below!