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Having your charge card all unexpectedly vanish is something people generally are afraid. But now it’s something you can eagerly anticipate, thanks to Coin, a new credit-card sized wonder-device that’ll effectively store all of your plastic in one area.

The device has actually had early adopters drooling for about a year now, however it just debuted at tech celebration Techcrunch Disrupt, making its prepared late summer ship date even more real.

So what is Coin, exactly? It’s the size of a charge card, it appears like a charge card, and most significantly, it swipes like a credit card. However really, it’s multiple charge card saved on an electronic device that lets you toggle in between each, getting rid of the have to carry around a large wallet. Much of the appeal of the gadget is in its simpleness. Submitting cards, for example, is done with by simply swiping them through an iPhone attachment and afterwards snapping a photo of each. As soon as uploaded, Coin lets you toggle among cards with the push of a button, enabling you, for instance, to spend for gas with the company card, then purchase groceries with your cash back card, then pay for dinner with your travel rewards card.

As with any fantastic concentration of power (in this case, purchasing power), there’s possible threat. What if you leave Coin behind, losing not only one card, however, effectively, all your cards? Never worry: the gadget makes use of a Bluetooth signal that synchronizes with your phone, indicating if the two get separated (e.g., You leave the card with the check), you’ll be instantly alerted.

While first shipments are still a couple months away, Coin is accepting pre-orders now. Order now, and it may be among the last time you really have to dig out of among your charge card.