They ended up being grownups in the midst of the Great Economic crisis, just old enough to see their moms and dads freak out about a sheer stock market crash. As a result, reports Forbes, many Millennials are choosing to make use of cash money as a long-term investment.

According to a Forbes post, about 39 percent of Millennials prefer cash money when they’re talking about cash they don’t anticipate to need for 10 years. While utilizing cash could help them feel much better and more secure, the truth is that this could trip up Millennials down the roadway.

One the one hand, says the article, Millennials understand the significance of saving. They “get” that they must get ready for the future and build their wealth. Nevertheless, a significant portion of them are going about it in the wrong way, thanks to the impression made by the current financial crisis.

Unfortunately, cash couldn’t suffice in the long run. In order to truly build wealth for the long haul (think: retirement) and beat out inflation, you’ve to invest cash in stocks. Exactly what some Millennials do not understand is that, lasting, stocks have yet to lose total, and young people have time to benefit from down cycles (buy even more for less) as well as up cycles.

While having some money in the profile is not a bad thing for liquidity and safety, the truth is that if you want to efficiently grow your wealth over time, financial investments are required as well. Once Millennials discover a much better balance in that regard, they’re most likely to do quite well economically.