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What’s going on, Wise Bread neighborhood? This is Jeff Rose, Certified Financial Coordinator and founder of GoodFinancialCents.com. The people at Wise Bread wanted me to do a fast introduction video since I’m the brand-new monetary planning specialist here to address your concerns. That’s right. Wise Bread has its own resident CFP to help respond to any financial planning questions that you have.

But before we get into that, let me provide you a quick introduction of who I am.

I’m a Certified Financial Organizer. I’ve been in the monetary service market for over 10 years. That’s right – a decade. (That’s why I’ve a lot of gray hairs. I’ve got 3 children, too, so that type of helps out.)

I started my career with A.G. Edwards and Sons, which isn’t around. They were purchased out by a big bank. I spun off from them and started my own wealth management company, Partnership Wealth Management, LLC, which is where I’m at today.

In case I look familiar, no, I’m not The Rock. My eyebrow doesn’t go up. I don’t do the people’s elbow, whatever that is, although The Rock’s kind of cool. No, I’m the creator of GoodFinancialCents.com personal financial blog site. I’ve done a couple of movements: the Roth IRA Movement, the Financial obligation Motion, the Life Insurance Motion where I bust out some dance skills.

My mission has been to offer people details they should make clever decisions about their cash. When I was maturing, I understood absolutely nothing about investing. I knew absolutely nothing about cost savings. And I literally stumbled into an occupation of being a monetary adviser. And thank goodness, due to the fact that the discovering experiences I’ve gotten conference with genuine people and their real life battles have actually really opened my eyes to exactly what I need to do and to show other people the best ways to make smart decisions with their money.

This September, I’m happy to announce I’d my first book coming out called Soldier of Finance. This book reveals individuals how to invest their money and take charge of their future. I see many people who’re making bad choices or simply don’t understand exactly what to do, and I desire this book to motivate them. You need to desire more and want your life to be different. So if you’ve the motivation and the discipline, I want to reveal you how to get there.

Some of my previous work has actually been showcased on MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Market Watch, and even more significantly, Wise Bread. So I’m intending to offer it back to the Wise Bread area by answering any questions you’ve regarding financial planning.

Now, certainly, financial planning is a broad classification, but I’m below to respond to anything associated to that. This can consist of retirement, investing, university savings strategies, life insurance policy – anything that relates to money and your life, I’m right here to answer it. And if I can’t respond to the question, I’ve a network of trusted experts that’ll be delighted to address the question for you. Basically, I’ve got your back.

So if you’ve any questions, just struck me up on the Wise Bread blog site. We’ll be pleased to get that question addressed in a future video and some possible Google hangouts. But if you require a quicker response, you can always hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, social networks. I’m there, that’s where I hang out.

I anticipate getting to know you all much better in the near future. Until next time, this is Jeff Rose, Certified Financial Coordinator. Make sure.