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A few weeks back, the McDonald’s corporation, one of the largest rapid meals chains in the UNITED STATE, alerted its staff members to a sample budget plan provided on its site that might be used as a template for employees’ own spending, ever since, the company has actually been fined a variety of important press about its unrealistic mindset to staff member payment and spending.

McDonald’s, which to many Americans serves a symbol of the minimum-wage work environment, likely had excellent objectives when it chose to try to lead its employees to budgeting their paychecks. Nevertheless, unintentional repercussions of this lesson in individual finance quickly emerged when the Internet brightened with objection over some of the line items on the “sample” spending plan provided on the McDonald’s internet site. For example, the first lines on the spending plan worksheet ask the worker to fill in their regular monthly income from both their first and second jobs. Numerous critics have mentioned that not all McDonald’s employees have the luxury of being able to obtain a 2nd income in a challenging economy.

Also extensively panned was the health plan slot on the sample spending plan, which recommended budgeting $20 per month for health coverage. According to Forbes, which reported on the objection of the McDonald’s budget, the average cost to independently insure a person in the U.S. today is $215 per month, which means that the $20 proposed by McDonald’s appear highly unreasonable to some. It likewise highlights the fact that the company doesn’t provide insurance to its part-time workers. Overall, critics of companies that just pay their employees the bare minimum required by law insist that the McDonald’s budget shows that it’s impossible to thrive on minimum wage in the UNITED STATE at its present level.

Despite the objection from some, others say that McDonald’s was revealing a brand-new type of business responsibility by trying to help its staff members spending plan, regardless of how challenging living on minimum wage can be. Also, many have commented that the release of the McDonald’s budget might propel Congress to raise the federal minimum wage.

What do you think of McDonald’s effort to motivate its workers to budget plan?