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For today’s MBT Talks, we wish to know: what’s the last thing you spent lavishly on?

Laura: Aside from aircraft tickets and hotels, the last expensive (reasonably speaking) thing I got was a Clarisonic Mia brush – $129.26 on Sept. 5, 2012. For the unaware, Clarisonic makes these vibrating brushes that are meant to deep clean your skin (mostly face, however body too), and the things aren’t economical, especially compared with the knock-offs you can get for about $30. I was wary of dropping that much money on something I’d actually never tried, so I did all my due research, which in this case meant reading a great deal of reviews and watching YouTube tutorials for the best ways to utilize it effectively.

Fortunately, I am very happy with the investment six months later! It was absolutely worth the cash … every night, all the New York City contamination gets expunged from my pores. Life is good.

Alex: Let us see, mine was a pair of Billy Reid sneakers, which cost me about $400.

Claire: The last big splurge I made was buying a trip to Greece for my husband and I last year. I think plane tickets were $1,800 incorporated, and I’d actually booked a couple of hotels, so total it was closer to $2,000. The bad news is, we wound up canceling the journey due to the fact that of the somewhat volatile circumstance that was happening at the time, with strikes and protests passing in Athens.

Because I bought the flights from one of those price cut websites, I ended up paying over $500 in costs to cancel. We were at some point able to make use of the credit to book a flight locally, which were the most pricey residential air travels we ever before booked. It still hurts to think of it.

Amy: Claire, that hurt me to read.

This is not something I already splurged on, but an approaching splurge I am preparing. My back has been hurting me – most likely since of sitting at work all day and then sitting some more in your home – and I should get a nicer chair for my desk at home. I’ve actually simply begun studying on good chairs and there are a lot of pricey chairs worldwide, I do not even know where to start. It’ll most likely be something in the $300 array. (Sighs.)

Simon: I regularly spend lavishly when eating in restaurants with buddies, since I rarely splurge on various other things.

But, if I’d to point out my last outrageous acquisition, it’d most likely be a pair of tennis shoes (in fact, it was two pairs of the exact same sneakers) that were released in November. I probably won’t wear them much, if at all.

They expense $160 a pair (prior to taxes) however I suspect my love for tennis shoes still overtakes the hurt to my pocketbook. (They were Air Jordan sneakers in the exact same colorway of those that Michael Jordan put on to make a clutch shot in the preliminary of the 1989 NBA playoffs.)

Even if I don’t use them, I can always offer them for a revenue …

Laura: I ‘d like to understand how much Simon has actually splurged on food prior to!

Simon: The most pricey meal I’ve actually had was $69 at a lobster place. The worst thing is that the meal ended up being simply so-so.

Anthony: My last splurge was really not an enjoyable one: I lost my iPhone on a taxi, so I needed to purchase a new one. Can’t be phone-less.

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MBT readers, exactly what’s the last thing you spent lavishly on? Make us feel less guilty by telling us about your last huge purchase(s) in the remarks below or on our Facebook page!

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