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MasterCard is seeing a boost in earnings of 14 percent, year-over-year. Even more consumers are spending more cash, and MasterCard is making it even easier for them to do so. With 10 billion charge card deals made throughout the past quarter, MasterCard’s clients are helping to drive profits for the company, according to Forbes.

MasterCard Customers Spent Even more than $1 Trillion Last Quarter

MasterCard customers spent even more than $1 trillion for the 3rd quarter, with $590 billion of it in credit deals and $454 billion in debit card deals. Worldwide development was more powerful than UNITED STATE growth, reports Forbes, indicating that MasterCard is acquiring broader approval worldwide. Certainly, MasterCard may be nipping at Visa’s heels in regards to appeal.

Part of the development is because of efforts by MasterCard to make their cards more popular and functional. MasterCard recently launched Simplify Commerce, which is made to permit the acceptance of mobile payments. It’s developer-friendly, as well as being business friendly. Forbes reports that this is one of the drivers behind MasterCard’s fantastic success this past quarter.

MasterCard’s development in revenue exceeds Visa’s year-over-year, and Visa has been pointing out slower spending in the United States as a problem in terms of revenue.

Are Consumers Prepared to Invest for the Holidays?

Earlier this year, customers revealed a willingness to spend more. Charge card financial obligation enhanced and there were indications that lots of customers felt comfortable investing money once again. However, the recent budget plan fights over the debt ceiling, and with the current government shutdown, some customers have started to feel nervous about spending again.

With the vacations coming up, though, payment processors like MasterCard and Visa, along with stores, are likely hoping for spending to get again.