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More than 7 % of Americans have actually been sufferers of debit card scams, and even more have actually experienced credit card debt. Though there are great measures in location at significant companies to prevent you from being responsible for charges, it’s still vital to report a card lost or taken as early as understand it’s missing.

If your card is reported lost/stolen before anyone utilizes it to make purchasings, you will not be accountable for the fees. The longer you wait to report it, you could be responsible for a bigger quantity, up to $500. Naturally, sometimes when Americans lose their BANK CARD, they will not understand it’s missing up until days later, however the faster the better.

The debit card replacement cost is one that changes most from bank to bank: many banks don’t charge a fee at all, but some cost up to $25 for rushed shipment in case you require your debit card as quickly as possible.

Check out the table below for the debit/ATM card replacement costs across the biggest banks in America.

Comparing Debit Card Replacement Fees

Bank Fee
Bank of America $5 for routine shipment, $20 if rushed
Chase $0 for routine shipment, $5 if card is rushed
Wells Fargo $0
Citibank $0
U.S. Bank $5 for routine delivery, $25 for rushed delivery
Capital One $0
SunTrust $0
TD Bank $0
PNC Bank $7.50
BB&T $5

These fees are for the state of New york city, and many banks have consistent fees across the nation, but always make sure by getting in touch with your bank. Costs are usually discovered under the Checking Account areas on a bank’s website.