Losing your wallet is the worst! Obviously there’s the evident loss of your wallet and cash money however the most significant headache comes from needing to change all your credit and debit cards. Although a trouble, it’s vital that you report your lost card as soon as possible – otherwise you would be putting all your funds at threat. Thought things couldn’t get worse? You could have to spend for these your replacement cards – particularly if you want it hurry delivered. Compare the lost debit card replacement charges on top 10 banks in America.

Lost Debit Card Replacement Fee Comparison at Top 10 U.S. Banks, credit solution

In the past, banks have replaced lost debit cards at no money to the clients. Nevertheless, the guidelines have been altering in the recent years, as longer banks began charging a cost for this fundamental service. Even then, most of the 10 largest banks in America are still offering replacements for lost cards free of cost when delivered through standard U.S. mail.

Compare exactly what it costs to get a replacement for a lost debit card at the top 10 U.S. banks:

Bank Debit Card Replacement Fee Delivery Time Rush Replacement Fee Expedited Delivery Time
Bank of America $5 5-7 business days $15 1 company day if demand is received prior to cut-off time 12 pm ET
Wells Fargo Free 10-15 business days $16 Up to 3 business days
Chase Free 5-7 business days $5 Up to 2 business days
Citibank Free 3 company days plus US mail time $6 Overnight
U.S. Bank Free 5-7 business days $25 1 business day
PNC Bank $7.50 3-5 business days $25 Up to 3 business days
Capital One Free Up to 3 business days N/A N/A
TD Bank Free 7-10 business days Free 3-5 business days
BB&T $5 7-10 business days $30 Overnight
SunTrust Bank Free 3-5 business days $25 Up to 2 days
AVERAGE $1.75 $16.33

Lost debit card replacement cost comparison

According to an August banking analysis by MyBankTracker.com, it will certainly cost you anywhere from $0 to $7.50 get a replacement card at the top 10 banks. Currently, the typical money for a lost debit card replacement demand is $1.75.

The shipping time of the replacement cards can vary greatly as the demand is handled in a different way at each bank. In addition, as routine replacements are sent out through conventional mail, the time can vary depending upon the area. For that reason, these cards might take anywhere in between three to 15 company days to be delivered. Depending on your requirements, waiting 15 company days may be too long a time frame to await a replacement.

When replacement is free

Replacement charge for a debit card is not always charged by the bank. Some banks waive this cost for clients, depending on the kind of inspecting account they have. The table above is reflective of the charge charged when debit card is lost by the client with a basic bank account. Premier accounts will normally waive these fees.

If the card you’re attempting to change is merely not working or the magnetic strip is worn out, a lot of banks will send you a brand-new card at no additional expense. Also, a fee does not use when we the card is changed upon its expiration. In these cases, you will certainly be issued a replacement, and the card number will certainly remain the exact same.

In the case that the card was stolen or was involved in a theft, banks replace the card with a brand-new number at no charge to the customers.

Finally, as a courtesy to the banking consumers who were impacted by a information breach, some banks will certainly waive the cost for a replacement debit card.

Options for replacement if you need your card right away

In this case, you have three ways of getting quicker access to your debit card.

1. You can drop in a branch. They may have the ability to print out a brand-new card for you, on the the area. Note that just choose branches for particular banks have the ability to provide this service. Be sure to contact your bank initially. This choice is totally free.

2. Second, you can get a short-term card till your real card is available in the mail. This option is complimentary.

3. If neither selections above apply to you, you may want to think about getting it shipped with rush shipping – which might come at a large money.

Rush replacement fee

Rush service can cost you anywhere between $0 to $30 at the 10 significant banks in America. Currently, the typical expense for an expedited delivery for a replacement debit card is at $16.33. This is a huge leap from the typical fee to get a lost debit replacement card via conventional mail, which is $1.75.

Although this is a steep cost to pay, you are guaranteed to obtain your card. Rush replacement implies your brand-new card is in your possession within the next day (overnight) to 5 business days from the time you make the demand. In general, your waiting time will be halved with expedited shipping.

Note that you will certainly need to make the demand prior to the cut-off time in order to be processed that day. As an example, the cut-off time for Bank of America is noon ET to get the one-day (business day) shipping. If the demand is made after that time, it would take one company day from the following day of the request.

What to do when you lose your card

When you misplace your debit card, you are putting your cash at danger from burglars. Due to the threats associated with losing your debit card, it is vital that you stop any future deals by reporting the loss as soon as possible – which will certainly likewise limit your liability.

You should call your bank by phone or check out a branch instantly when realizing that your card is missing out on or if you discover any deceitful transactions.

Be sure to follow-up with a letter to the issuer, including your account number, the date you noticed your card missing out on, and the date you reported the loss.

If the worst happens

Losing a card can not be prevented, however taking particular preventative measures will certainly make the procedure easier to get rid of, if it takes place. Make certain to have access to your statements and be sure to report a loss as quickly as possible.