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Whether it’s the latest iGadget or a hot brand-new automobile, as customers, we are constantly scrambling for dibs on the ‘next big thing’ in shops.

But exactly what if we put that money toward stock in the companies behind our favored products instead?

That’s a question just recently explored by the Online Trading Academy.

With the advantage of hindsight, their team has had a look back in time to see what may have taken place if we ‘d got rid of the supermarket and bought the stock exchange.

In 1990, Apple pitched the Macintosh Classic for $1,500. That much money in Apple stock would’ve made you $98,606 today.

Adjusted stock price in 1990: $6.45

Stock Price on April 5, 2013: $423.20


In 1986, the innovative Microsoft Windows 2.0 cost $100. But if you ‘d put the cash directly into business stock rather, today you ‘d have $11,480.

Adjusted stock price in 1986: $0.25

Stock price on April 5, 2013: $28.70


In 1985, if you chose to invest $200 in Finest Buy Stock, instead of splurging on a Sony Walkman for the exact same price, you would’ve $36,343 today.

Adjusted in 1985: $0.14

Stock price on April 5, 2013: $25.45