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According to the June tasks numbers, released last week by the Labor Department, the month of fathers and graduates was an excellent one for men and teens trying to find work.

The Associated Press reports that the unemployment rate for men dropped from 7.2 % in May to 7 % in June, adolescent unemployment fell even more, from 24.5 % in May to 24 % in June. Despite the fact that the total joblessness rate remained steady at 7.6 %, professionals are motivated to see that two subgroups of Americans struck especially tough by the economic downturn– males and youths– had the ability to make some work gains at the beginning of the summer.

In reality, the warmer weather condition seems to be the reason for falling joblessness amongst men and teenagers. With institution out of session for the summertime, numerous teenagers had more time to look for a job than they did simply a month ago. Similarly, men, who tend to hold seasonal work in careers such as landscaping, pool maintenance, and building in majorities than women, had the ability to make the most of the annual up-tick in demand for those services.

Somewhat troubling, though, was the increase in the joblessness rate among women. In Might female joblessness struck a four-year low of 6.5 %, however rose to 6.8 % in June. There does not seem to be a prepared explanation for the climb in women’s unemployment, but professionals are confident that the increase is short-term.

U. S. unemployment has been declining slowly because the start of the recession in 2008, and numerous market watchers expect 2013 to be the year that the general unemployment rate drops below 7 %. This would signal a big growth in the general economic forecast for the nation, which is currently seeing various other strong indications of recuperation, such as enhancing house values.

Does the joblessness rate still worry you? Exactly what do you think we should do to improve it?