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Today, MyBankTracker talks with young, married couple Julie and Josh, who recently purchased their first home in L.a. They expose exactly what the process was like …

MBT: Inform us about your backgrounds, exactly what you do for work, how long you’ve actually been wed.

Julie: We have been together for 6 years and wed for nearly 3. We both work in tv – I am an editor and Josh is an associate producer.

I immigrated to the UNITED STATE with my family in the 80s from the former Soviet Union. We came here with simply one travel suitcase per person and maybe $200 money for four individuals. I matured in Hollywood and West Hollywood, only ever before living in studio apartments. I watched my parents learn English, go to school and start professions from scratch. Gradually, with the drive and persistence typical of migrants, they became established and comfortable.

Josh grew up in South New Jersey on a 200 acre family farm where his grandma, uncles and mother all have homes on the property. He comes from a Quake background, the underpinning ideology of which is to live merely. His experience in terms of finances while growing up is the opposite of mine. When he was a kid, his moms and dads were rich. Nevertheless, in his preteens, an awful divorce essentially bankrupted them and the successful business they had.

When we met in L.A. in 2007, we never envisioned possessing a house right here. Prices were so excessive that it did not much factor into the plans we began to develop for our future. Then, as the real estate market crashed and our demands altered, we started to consider our options.

MBT: Exactly what did your moms and dads instruct you about money? How did your upbringing aid you handle your cash as an adult?

Julie: Both my parents have a substantial aversion to charge card and financial obligation of any kind. This is ironic considering that my father works in the credit card market. My household constantly had the mindset that paying interest is an outrageous waste of cash.

My family also taught me not to invest cash frivolously. The only extravagant thing my moms and dads ever invested money on when I was maturing was my education. Not caring about image was difficult – my L.A. private school schoolmates teased the crappy made use of Toyotas my parents both drove. Now, I am so proud of my little two-door Toyota Yaris which I bought new in 2007 for $12,500 and settled less than a few years!

Josh: In my younger years, I was quite ruined. I’d see a commercial for a toy, ask my Father for it, he’d in-turn state “ask your mother” and ultimately I’d get the toy.

Once I was older and my family’s financial condition changed, my mom needed to raise us on credit. She despised credit a lot, and always told me to just utilize credit cards in an emergency. She did not count on spending for things you can’t pay for with cash you don’t have. Despite the fact that she wasn’t in a position to take her own guidance, it really sunk in for me. There’s just one time where I spent for something with money I did not have and could not pay for, and to this day it’s still a small imperfection on my credit report.

MBT: As a couple, who’s even more conscious about money?

Julie: Josh and I are both incredibly aware about cash, but in various means. I like to buy great deals of things, specifically if they are on sale! Coming from communism where it was hard to buy bathroom tissue, much less all the customer options we’ve below today, I’m easily lured by things like clothing and house decoration.

Unlike me, Josh can go for months without buying a single thing. He likes to go shopping around for months for significant purchases or even a pair of shoes. I like to buy whatever I desire initially (if it’s not costly), THEN I think about it and return exactly what I don’t like or need. (Continued on page 2: discover exactly what their biggest cash errors were! )

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