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The Fourth of July holiday is Thursday and numerous of you’re already thinking about the 4-day break (if you are taking Friday off also). According to AAA, 40.8 million Americans will celebrate the nation’s birthday with a getaway. Before you go daydreaming about barbeques and fireworks, get your banking tasks done and enjoy your break without worries.

Since Self-reliance Day is a federal holiday, it should be not a surprise that the majority of banks are closed for company. However, TD Bank continues to reinforce its self-proclaimed label as “America’s Many Convenient Bank” by opening its doors for business until 1:00 P.M. – teller require breaks too!

Additionally, while standalone branches of PNC Bank and SunTrust Bank are closed, their in-store bank locations could be open for restricted hours on July 4. This may also be the case for other banks that have branches within retail stores (generally grocery stores).

If you have got any monetary chores to look after, get them done today.

See the Self-reliance Day 2013 vacation schedule for the biggest UNITED STATE banks:

Bank Presidents Day Locations
Chase Closed Find branches near you
Bank of America Closed Find branches near you
Wells Fargo Closed Find branches near you
Citibank Closed Find branches near you
U.S. Bank Closed Find branches near you
Capital One Closed Find branches near you
TD Bank Open until 1PM Find branches near you
HSBC Closed Find branches near you
PNC Bank Closed (except pick supermarket branches) Find branches near you
SunTrust Closed (other than pick in-store locations) Find branches near you
BB&T Closed Find branches near you
Regions Bank Closed Find branches near you
BBVA Compass Closed Find branches near you

Remember that you can always use online, mobile and ATM financial to manage your finances when branches are closed. Nevertheless, note that any transactions initiated on July 4 won’t process till July 5 since Independence Day isn’t considered a “business day.” Note this if a costs is due on July 4 since your repayment will be thought about late.