You normally have to file a head of household exemption with your state after wage garnishment notification.

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You generally need to file a head of home exemption with your state after wage garnishment notice.

Wage garnishment is an usual action courts take versus people who owe taxes, kid support and certain other debts. If you’re a lawfully designated head of family, your income is frequently shielded versus wage garnishment. A head of home is somebody who contributes HALF of more of a kid or reliant’s care.

Head of Household Garnishment

According to the NOLO legal website, states usually have one of 3 methods to head of home garnishment. A couple of states make your income fully exempt, consisting of Florida. Others, consisting of Missouri, just enable lenders to garnish up to 10 percent of your earnings. The 3rd method is for the garnishment to leave you with sufficient funds to reasonably take care of your family or dependents.