I am in Philly for the weekend, determined to show I can have a good time by investing the least quantity of money possible– $100 or less.

So far, so awesome. I have capitalized on nearly every cost-free attraction the city needs to offer, paid next to nothing to obtain around thanks to my brand-new favored app, SideCar, and handled to find a wealth of economical eats with assistance from BI readers and some friendly residents.

But as of this early morning I’d yet to dominate the challenge that deals with every novice Philly site visitor– finding the ideal Philly cheesesteak.

Little did I understand, I ‘d discover it in the last location I ‘d ever before suspect.

Everyone (and I imply everyone) who’s actually been to Philly or lived in Philly or just heard of Philly has an opinion on which of the 2 leading cheesesteak rivals—- Pat’s and Geno’s—- is finest.

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I attempted polling Twitterers to get a sense of which was more popular. It was like paying attention to fans fight over their preferred football team.

@ mandiwoodruff I promise if you visit Geno’s it will be so good you’ll take the wrapper home with you

– CoursenSecurityGroup (@ CoursenSecurity) Might 19, 2013

@ mandiwoodruff was out there a couple weeks ago … Geno’s and all the other places were horrid … We’ve better street meat here

– Drew Brenner (@ owndjoo852) Might 19, 2013

To be truthful, I swung by both Pat’s and Geno’s Saturday night. In between the Vegas Strip lighting scenario and mile-long lines, I lost my appetite entirely.