How To Calculate Total Current Assets

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A company has various current possessions on its balance sheet. Current assets include cash in hand and cash at bank, accounts receivables, stock, prepaid expenses and short-term investments.

In order to compute total existing assets it’s necessary to understand different sorts of present assets.

Different Types of Current Assets

Cash in Hand and Cash at Bank

Cash stands for the quantity of cash that’s easily available with the company. Cash is regularly made use of for everyday mlm business demands and for payment to creditors for investment of raw material. Cash at bank could likewise be made use of for financial investment purposes.

Accounts Receivables

A business could extend credit duration to its customers for making payments in respect of sales made to them. A business will need to tape the quantity of sales in its books of accounts. Any amount of credit sales would be dealt with as accounts receivables. Since credit’s extended by the business for a short time period, accounts receivables are dealt with as current assets. It’s one of the major components of current assets.


Inventory is usually discovered in making companies. A company’s inventory includes basic material, work in development and finished goods.

Short Term Investments

A company may have idle funds for a minimal period of time. In order to earn some additional income, a company may decide to invest the amount of idle funds basically term financial investments. Such investments help a business in earning additional interest income. Because short-term investments have a maturity period of less than one year; such investments are included in the quantity of total current assets of the company.

Prepaid Expenses

Another component of current assets is the quantity of any expenditures paid in advance by the company. A business might pay specific expenditures beforehand for a duration other than the existing duration (such as rent and insurance premium). Prepaid costs are dealt with as current assets since perks associated with such expenses are yet to be understood by the business.

Calculation of overall existing assets isn’t an extremely complicated procedure. Worth of total present assets could be acquired by just including the worth of different types of present assets. Details on the kind and quantity of current assets is readily available in the balance slab of a business. Let’s comprehend the procedure of computing total existing possessions of a company with the assistance of following instance:

How To Figure out Total Present Assets

ABC Business has following figures on the asset side of its balance sheet:

Cash in Hand: $ 5,000, Money at Bank: $ 18,000, Stock: $ 75,000, Accounts Receivables: $ 1, 50,000, Short-term Investments: $ 35,000, Plant: 2, 00,000 and Land: 1, 50,000.

Company’s overall existing assets would be a sum of the figures of different type of current possessions mentioned above, that is,
$ 5,000 + $ 18,000 + $ 75,000 + $ 1, 50,000 + $ 35,000 = $ 2, 83,000. Plant and land figures aren’t consisted of in the calculation of current assets, as both of these items fall under the group of set assets.

Further it isn’t needed that a company might’ve all the sorts of current assets (as mentioned above) in its balance slab. For Instance, a company couldn’t have stock in its balance slab in case it’s engaged in offering consulting services just. Similarly a company may not have invoices, in case products are sold only on cash basis by the business.