be content
After a time, you may discover that having isn’t so kindlying a thing, after all, as wanting. It isn’t rational, however it holds true. ” – Spock

We Americans are never ever satisfied. We’re always really wanting a growing number of and more. Whether we desire a larger television, even more cable television channels, a nicer home, a fancier automobile, or cuter clothing, there’s always something more we desire.

If I asked you right now, you could most likely provide several products you want. I, myself, wish to get a residence and a replacement car for ours that’s over 130,000 miles on it.

But for most of us, once we get that thing we want, we are not pleased. Rather, we just want more.

All of this really wanting can lead to charge card financial obligation and financial concerns, particularly when acquiring something does not give us much satisfaction, and we simply desire more. A far better strategy is to be happy with what we have.

Easier said than done, I understand. However practicing satisfaction is like raising weights. The even more you exercise being content, the much easier it ends up being to really BE content.

Take Stock of All that You Do Have

One way to practice contentment is to analyze all that you do have. If you’ve adequate food to fill your belly every day, a roofing over your head, a reliable type of transportation, and a family, you’ve a lot more than many other people worldwide. Make a list of all of things you are grateful for, and you should see the majority of your wanting is unneeded due to the fact that you already have enough.

Listen to Others’ Stories

Many people have gone with extremely hard scenarios with a positive attitude. When I wish to feel good about all that I have, I go to YouTube and view Depression Period Cooking with Clara. Clara and her family made it through the Great Depression. She tells stories about how they made it through and how tight cash was. Simply hearing an episode or more makes me immensely grateful for exactly what I have.


Sometimes we get stuck in our own shell and sympathize with ourselves even though we actually have plenty. Making the effort to volunteer and helping somebody in need is a terrific means to silence the ‘desire’ monster for some time.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting, however if you discover yourself really wanting all the time and afterwards spending more than you should, take a proactive step to suppress the wanting by altering your attitude and being happy for exactly what you do have.

What’s your preferred method for feeling good about all that you do have instead of exactly what more you want?