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Everyone refer to it as the most remarkable time of the year, which can possibly be why many people go a little bit crazy with all our shopping and designing. Nesties disclosed the amount of they budget for the vacations and just how much they eventually end up spending:

“I average around $300-400. I develop a savings during the year that I use to buy all the presents with. I keep expenses down by beginning my shopping early and always browsing clearance and sales racks.”– sgautschi

“We put away $80 a month, so I suspect that exercises to $960 … I’ve a different spending plan though for my other half.”– LooneyLife

“I think we wind up someplace around $750.”– Iwalktheline

“I purchase for my moms and dads, sister, brother-in-law four nieces and one nephew. I probably invest $50-60 on each of them. My husband buys for his niece and nephew … And on my husband’s side of the household, we do an illustration amongst the adults, so we each just purchase for one and that’s about $50-75.”– nfp147

“Is it horrible that I’ve no idea the amount of I invest? The only reason I’ve no idea is because I buy things all year long, so I don’t actually keep track. I guess it’s all just part of my regular shopping budget plan.”– Mustard76

“I put a budget of $250 on it this year … We’re trying to conserve as much as possible for our down payment [on our house]”– sparklingdiamond

“We generally end up spending about $300-400. The last couple of years we have concurred with our siblings not to exchange [presents] which helps all of us keep the expenses down.”– Xan921

“Our budget is $500 … Gift exchanges make it a lot simpler to look around.”– Mrads