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Shirley Pulawski is a freelance author for who bought a residence on foreclosure in Buffalo, NY back in 2000 and has actually discussed getting repossession properties. This multipart series chronicles her experience with buying, taking care of, renting, and eventually offering our home for three times her expenses in 2003.

Once I’d your house I purchased on repossession mainly fixed up, life was pretty good. I was living rent-free and collecting rent from my buddies who were my occupants in the unit downstairs. Nevertheless, wanderlust struck me again after simply a couple of years, and for many reasons, I decided I wanted to sell your house I bought on repossession for $22,000.

At the time, the housing market in Buffalo was extremely depressed compared to other locations, however it had grown in the three brief years given that I purchased my house, and it remained to acquire steam in the years after I sold it. I made a great deal of cosmetic repair services to our home, but I understood that getting leading dollar for it on the marketplace would require some extra work.

I’d the time to work on your home, as I’d actually been laid off from my task. I was gathering joblessness and trying to find work, but the situation offered me the cushion of time I’d to get it into order. I understood I needed to make extra financial investments of time and money into your home prior to my work would settle, but I was confused about exactly what to do next.

Picking my battles

I wasn’t sure about which investments would bring the most bang for the profit, and back in 2003, the Internet was not filled with the simple-to-read knowledge shared by sites like, so I chose to utilize the help of an experienced real estate representative.

While the realty agent who assisted me discover my house was great, dedicated, and passionate, she was young and new to the video game, I wanted an agent with a lot of experience selling homes.

I thought I did my shopping for a representative really thoroughly, however when the day came when she was expected to show up, she didn’t. I left a rather angry message on her voicemail, believing it was back to the drawing board with agent shopping. To my surprise, she returned my call very quickly and profusely asked forgiveness and stated she’d actually jotted down the examination for the following day. She appeared very sincere, and it was the type of mistake I’ve actually been understood to make, and frankly, it could’ve been my error and not hers, so I chose to take a chance and deal with her.

What makes an agent stand out

Nina turned out to be a fantastic realty representative. She came in and took an extensive browse and made honest tips about exactly what I ought to take care of and what may not be rewarding. She gave me tips on what kinds of decor and individual valuables to put away to make the location feel more inviting and attract possible purchasers.

A good representative should be honest and direct with the seller about exactly what to expect, the best ways to package their house thoroughly, and an understanding of who the possible buyers will be. A great representative wants to make as much money as possible in the shortest quantity of time, so that person will recommend a practical listing cost, not necessarily the price you wish to hear. They’ll tell you, tactfully, if your expectations are expensive.

A smart seller will put their ego away and pay attention to what the experienced agent needs to state and make decisions about exactly what’s reasonable to achieve prior to officially putting the home on the marketplace.

Because I was willing to listen, Nina ended up being everything I needed in a real estate representative: knowledgeable, wise, honest, positive, and very seasoned with dealing with different kinds of people. This became specifically crucial when my very first offers came in. Not all them were equal, and not all of the purchaser’s agents were as cool-minded and sharp as my agent was. There was drama ahead, and Nina was an excellent guide with all of it.