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Numerous studies show that half of all recent graduates are underemployed or cannot discover work. An Associated Press research discovered that 53.6 % those with a bachelor’s degree under the age of 25 were out of work or underemployed in 2012. Current grads with degrees in nursing, teaching, accounting and computer science had the most success, while those with degrees in the humanities, anthropology, and zoology had the hardest time.

A Rutgers College study surveyed a sample of recent college graduates from the class of 2006 through 2011 in an attempt to comprehend how they’re faring in the workforce. Those findings were similarly discouraging:

  • Only 51 % of grads were employed full-time.
  • Of those employed, the mean salary of their first task was $28,000.
  • The finishes’ sideline earned them a bit more, with a typical salary of $32,000.
  • The typical annual salary is $45,790.
  • In terms of how they saw their first job, 42 % distinguisheded their job as ‘just a task to obtain you by,’ 22 % considered it a career, and 36 % concerned it as a stepping stone to an occupation.
  • Only 50 % of the jobs required a four-year degree.

In our ongoing College Series, MyBankTracker wished to know just how current graduates are stacking up to these data and surveyed 5 current graduates. We asked about their existing employment scenario, income level, and how satisfied they were with their jobs – if they’d one.

Recent Grad A finished from Fordham University 4 months back with a Bachelors degree in Communication and Media Researches. She’s presently unemployed. She thinks the avenues readily available for finding work are bothersome, and after applying for numerous jobs and not getting a response, she informed us, ‘I just haven’t discovered the existing techniques of task application motivating or motivating in the tiniest. Nothing about the economic/job-winning system is appealing, luring or dignifying to me.’

Recent Grad B finished two years back, having actually graduated from Fordham College with a Bachelors degree in Marketing. He’s presently used as a bank teller, regardless of his marketing degree. He discovered the position online after task searching for a year and a fifty percent, while working at 2 Chinese bistros to obtain by. His current earnings level is in between $25,000 – $30,000, and he’s searching for various other task opportunities. He says he doesn’t feel like he opted for his position since he saw it from the beginning as a short-term career choice.

Recent Grad C also finished two years back, having actually graduated from The University of Miami with a Bachelors degree in Electronic Media, along with Religious Researches. He’d actually secured a position prior to his graduation date as a Management Trainee with Business Rent-a-Car, a position unrelated to his degree. The task paid $35,000 at first and after some time he was advertised to a position that included commission, which paid $40,000 each year. He reported that Venture aggressively sponsors at universities, which is where he initially experienced them. However, the job had long hours and was very stressful, and after working there for over a year, he started searching for other work.

He now works as a Tape Operator/Board Operator at CBS Sports Radio Network, a job that took him simply a few weeks to secure. He suggests following up after an interview, as he didn’t hear a response a couple weeks after using. He emailed the network’s general supervisor, who informed him the position he got was most likely filled, however wanted to interview him for a different position, which he efficiently landed. He now makes $35,000 a year, and is extremely pleased with his present job, in spite of having to work the night shift from 4:00 AM – 11:00 AM most of the week. (Continued on page 2)

How Are Current Graduates Faring in the Workforce?