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“Everything in life is luck.” This quote originates from none other than the popular real estate investor Donald Trump– and it couldn’t have actually popped up in my inbox at a better time!

With St. Patrick’s Day below, luck has actually been on my mind. And since cash is always on my mind (I cannot help it– I am a personal finance blogger!), naturally I got to considering the role that luck plays in our financial success and failures.

I often believe that you make your very own breaks, simply puts, I am not a huge follower in luck. I concentrate work and smart choices are what keep us moving financially forward. I such as to feel in control of my finances, for excellent or for bad, and don’t like sensation like I go to the mercy of the impulses of Lady Luck. As such, I don’t part-take in any activities that pit my hard-earned money against her, like gambling or buying lotto tickets. I can’t envision the soul-crushing feeling of enjoying my money escape from me as I lose another round of black jack.

But if I dig a little deeper, I can’t escape the reality that a lot of excellence and failure in individual finance is because of timing and luck. Take, for example, the crash in real estate rates that took place in the U.S. in 2007. If you purchased a brand-new house in most markets towards the end of 2006, you were on the unlucky side of the bursting of that bubble. You most likely saw your residence value fall substantially all throughout 2007 and 2008 and may still be undersea on your mortgage.

On the various other hand, consider someone who was a renter throughout that time, carefully conserving your pennies for a deposit? That individual got really, truly lucky! By 2010, real estate rates were at rock-bottom and mortgage rate of interest were at historical lows. In many locations of the country, people who could never ever have paid for a house pre-recession were able to lock in a truly lot. And while hindsight is 20/20, the majority of expert economic experts did not see the real estate crash of 2007 coming, so individuals who benefited and struggled with it did so mainly by luck (or don’t have thereof).

So exactly what’s the outcome to all of this? Should I stop all my planning and stretching a dollar and simply give my monetary fate over to the following four-leaf clover I find? Call me insane, however I am not tossing my spending plan or savings objectives out the window just yet. I think there’s a healthy mental balance to strike between being a total monetary control freak and pinning all my hopes on a lucky financial break. While on the one hand we must attempt to manage the factors that we can when it comes to cash– like how much we conserve, spend, and invest– it’s likewise crucial to give up fretting about the elements that we cannot control, like the weave of the stock exchange.

The honest truth is, nobody got rich on hard work alone– a little of luck helped even the savviest magnates along. However it’s important to try to keep luck’s location in our financial resources in standpoint. I, for one, am not investing any time searching for a pot of gold. I ‘d rather appreciate the rainbow and get back to work!