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As the old playground song goes, “First comes love, then comes marital relationship, then comes … determining ways to manage your student loan payments with your mortgage.”

Well, that’s not exactly how it goes. However these huge life options must be something all of us consider at an early age because they are a few of the most vital financial decisions we will ever make in our lives.

Paying for college, a wedding and a house are all unbelievably emotional and financial life choices. While you’ll still most likely spend 10s and hundreds of thousands of dollars when all is stated and finished with these three major financial choices, there are means to minimize your costs and still get the education, event and house of your dreams

Here are some ideas for dealing with the 3 greatest money decisions you’ll have to make in life:

Paying for college: While you do not have control over the rising expense of college, you do have control over the kind of school you willing to and and the kind of financial assistance you apply for. Attending a four-year public college or starting your higher education at a 2-year neighborhood college could conserve you thousands of dollars in tuition over the long-run. But even if you do choose to go to a private college, you still have means to decrease college expenses by getting scholarships and grants. No matter where you start, be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Help (FAFSA) and visit scholarship data source websites like to browse for scholarships you might be eligible for. And if you are already in school, always remember to remain to make an application for scholarships and grants – they are not just for secondary school students!

Getting married: If you choose to get married, the expense of your wedding is totally up to you. However given that the average wedding in the U.S. reportedly costs over $25,000, having some cash conserved up and reducing expenses where possible can help you reduce that major price tag. Even if you’ve no idea if you want to get wed, it might be smart to begin putting aside money now. And if you are already in wedding planning mode, there are lots of methods to decrease expenses by looking into budget-friendly, do-it-yourself style wedding event planning.

Buying a home: I have got 4 words for you: downpayment and credit rating. The larger downpayment you can make toward your home, the more probable you’ll be able to lock down a preferred interest rate. In the eyes of a lender, the less you’ve to obtain indicates the less you’ve to repay – meanings there’s less of a chance that you’ll default on your home loan. Less of a risk means a lower rate of interest for you. And because you are borrowing less money, that suggests you’ll likewise have a smaller month-to-month home loan payment. Your credit score can also save you tons of cash on a brand-new home. If you’ve actually got an excellent credit score, you are far more likely to get a lower home loan rate, and incorporated with a larger downpayment, you could save thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars over the life time of your mortgage. So start conserving now for that house and keep that credit rating high!