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This is an article from Geoff Whitmore, the lead traveler/writer at NoobTraveler, a blog site dedicated to informing its readers on benefit travel and Card Watchdog, a website that helps consumers handle their numerous charge card.

Rewards travel has actually altered my life! I have had the ability to travel the world with my better half all for a cost I can pay for by leveraging benefits charge card and their loyalty programs. If you like to travel you should take a better take a look at travel benefit credit cards.

These credit card incentive programs work just like regular cashback programs, but there’s a difference. As an incentive for investing money on your charge card, you get miles or points rather of money. While cash is constantly more “versatile” than any other kinds of reward, when used smartly, travel reward cards can take you a longer method towards your travel goals than routine cashback. However, there’s a learning curve to enhance your travel charge card use, instead of regular cashback, which is rather straightforward. You likewise need to remember that a lot of travel incentive cards, save the couple of like Citibank Hilton, for instance, hold a yearly charge (although lots of waive the fee for the first year).

I’d divide travel incentive cards into the following categories:

  • General function travel credit cards
  • Airline co-branded credit cards
  • Hotel co-branded credit cards
  • “Hybrid” credit cards that can be used for many purposes consisting of travel

Below are some examples of various types of travel incentive charge card:

General Purpose

US Bank Flex Advantages and Barclaycard Arrival. Flex Rewards double your acquisition power when you buy an airline ticket. For example, 20,000 points purchase you a $400 airline ticket. It occasionally has an extremely nice register benefit, too.

Barclaycard Arrival, in addition to the sizable 40,000-point sign up benefit (as of October 2013), likewise provides 2 points per dollar spent and 10 % rebate on point redemptions.

Airline Co-Branded

Chase United Mileage Plus and Citibank American AAdvantage. These cards usually offer 1 point on a dollar invested plus some additional miles for acquisitions made with the brand airline. They likewise offer register rewards ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Just how much is it? As a policy, the least expensive award roundtrip domestic ticket will run you 25,000 miles, or you can fly one-way to Europe in business class for 50,000 miles.

Hotel Co-Branded

Citibank Hilton HHonors card and Chase Marriott Incentives card. These cards normally provide a higher point return on charges made at the brand homes and lower points on everything else. Lots of hotels and resort co-branded cards likewise provide intriguing entry and even mid-level condition that entitle the member to some important benefits.


The two good examples of what I call hybrid credit cards are American Express charge cards, such as Gold and Platinum (Membership Benefits) and Chase credit cards such as Flexibility, Sapphire, and Ink (Ultimate Benefits). With those programs you can redeem your points for routine purchases with gift cards, another option is the Ultimate Benefits shopping center (with Chase, you can redeem you points for cash, too). You can also use indicate book travel, or get even much better value moving your points to airlines or hotels and resorts that are the members of their particular programs.

Accumulating rewards points

Rewards from travel credit cards can be found in 3 kinds. First, there might be a sign up bonus offer from 10,000 to 50,000 or more miles and points. Catching a charge card offer “at the right time, at the right location” can be an excellent means to accumulate substantial quantity of the travel currency of your option.

The second way is to get miles and points on a routine charge card invest. You get sure number of points or miles for each dollar you spend on the card, normally in between 1 and 2 points.

The third method is the bonus offer that you get on unique categories of products or services and/or limited-time special offers. Taking full advantage of using your reward charge card in order to get as much as you can from the program for the least amount of spend is one of the most important approaches that you must utilize if you are significant about your travel goals.

No issue what you go for, make certain to make the most of the special deals discussed above. Occasionally, better credit card register benefit offers are just offered for a restricted time. Among the examples of these limited-time offers would be an existing Barlaycard Lufthansa 50,000-mile bonus offer, an outstanding offer that you can benefit from as soon as possible (at least for now, due to the fact that it expires soon).