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We have heard a lot about the gender pay space in recent weeks. While there’s argument over whether the pay space actually exists, and there are indicators that Millennials are closing exactly what pay space might be there, there’s little discussion over the reality that females are more likely to reside in poverty once they hit retirement.

CNN Money reports that a recent analysis from Congress reveals that females are twice as likely as guys to live below the poverty line. Certainly, females over the age of 65 have a median earnings of $16,000 a year, while men who’re the same age have a typical income of right around $27,000 a year.

That’s a space that comes as an outcome of a life time of making less than their male counterparts. It adds up in the means that their Social Security benefits reflect the lower earnings, and in the fact that they’ve less money to reserve for retirement. Some female retired people even need to count on whatever their spouses saved up since some never ever had a job after marrying

Some of the big reasons for this gender wealth gap in retirement include:

Earning less than men: Women still earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns, according to study. A few of that concerns the fact that women are most likely to do part-time work, and be in occupations, like instructor, that pay less than male-dominated fields like engineering. Even when ladies are in occupations that are male-dominated, lots of make less due to the fact that they do not negotiate higher beginning wages. This puts them behind from the outset.

Employment gaps: Additionally, women are more likely than guys to see spaces in their work due to the fact that they leave occupations to raise youngsters or take care of elderly moms and dads. On average, reports CNN Cash, females work 12 years less than men with time.

All of this adds up to poverty for lots of women in retirement, and it needs to be a wake-up call for ladies to start considering how they can shore up their futures.