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As someone who’s constantly on the go, I am usually on the hunt for dishes that be prepared quickly, that are not expensive, which can still deliver a dietary punch. A few of my favorites that I have found along the means include numerous Mexican dishes and this one from is no exception.

As printed, you can create a quick, basic meal for 4 that barely costs even more than $9. While the price may change a bit, there’s a lots of room for interpretation in this dish. With a little creativity and a fast study of what’s currently in your pantry and fridge, you can whip up these delicious tacos in no time.


Some of my favored methods to tweak this recipe consist of:

• Making use of a mix of various beans (black, pinto as well as hominy work well)

• Including various sort of greens

• Throwing in spices such as cilantro and parsley

• Experimenting with different sorts of cheese

• Forgoing the shells and making a taco salad instead tortilla chips discovered on sale

• Opting for soft taco shells

• Creating a burrito instead

• Choose morning meal tacos, using eggs, veggies and cheese as a base

• Moving beyond Mexican and attempting various sorts of food such as Korean BBQ tacos and

Chinese pork tacos

• Making use of fish or shellfish instead of meat

• Trying different sauces such as mole and poblano

By utilizing exactly what I already carried hand and thinking outside the recipe, I’d the ability to make supper for myself and my close friends for less than $1 each. Delicious tacos that benefit you sure beats anything found on the Dollar Menu!