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If the publications and tv shows are any indicator, moms and dads are required to dress and carry their teens to prom in a manner worthwhile of a Hollywood awards ceremony. The occasion itself, naturally, has to be on par with the latest star dinner celebrations. Seriously? I discover the level of opulence at these events overdone to state the least. This will most likely make me seem like the token old fart, but back in my day, we truly did not get this worked up about senior prom season.

Sure, it was a big deal. Sure, all of us wished to look good, have fantastic images, and experience a terrific night. We simply never would’ve dreamed of asking our moms and dads to dish out the equivalent of a used automobile for a single night of memory-making enjoyment. Below are some cost-saving tips for directing your teenagers to a fantastic evening they’ll constantly remember.


As with weddings, senior proms are mainly about the clothing. And let us face it, if you are blessed with a little girl, you already understand that discovering the best dress is MUCH MORE stressful than locating a great tuxedo. Ideally, you have already scored a wonderful dress in advance by shopping the post holiday sales this previous winter. If not, below are a couple of added ideas to assist keep you on budget.

Cocktail Length

Cocktail dresses can be cost efficient for a couple of key reasons. First, there’s far less textile needed than there’s when producing a floor-length gown with a full skirt. Second, if you opt for a cocktail outfit, your buying selections are much more varied. As opposed to being limited to formal wear stores, you’re free of cost to check out various other choices such as buying at Marshalls, striking the clearance racks at Macy’s, or exploring the current providings at Nordstrom’s.

Vintage Style

Opting for gently-used official wear is a method many individuals choose when attempting shave some cash off their profit. One method to prevent looking a few years behind the style curve when you go this course is to skip a few years and go directly for that classic appearance. It’ll appear at a glimpse that you’re intentionally selecting your retro appearance by choice, rather than by financial necessity. Besides, vintage formal wear looks remarkable if you accessorize it effectively. So why not save some scones and be the belle of the ball at the exact same time?

Fab Recycling

If you or your teenager is the Do It Yourself kind, consider conserving money by making your own prom dress with fabric from an older outfit or dress. You can get them up economically at thrift stores, and by using the fabric just, you prevent the issue of dealing with used trim and the fraying of satin-covered buttons if the gown has been worn a couple of times. Simply choose a pattern that’s in fashion trend, and you are in company.

Event and Venue

As I discussed in 25 Fun and Inexpensive Home entertainment Concepts Rrom ‘The Vampire Diaries’, there’s no reason your chosen occasion place needs to run your prom spending plan off the rails. Ditto with designs and enjoyment.

Party Tent

Proms and after-prom parties can quickly be held in official camping tents, specifically if your graduating class is a little one in a rural area. Consider some of the exact same money-saving locations you may pursue a wedding where an occasion outdoor tents would be appropriate, and think of having your senior prom at that place. Charming farm setups and formal parks could both work well.

Historical Structure

The place should fit the size of your course, naturally, however having your prom in a period house can be a cost effective way to go. Many of these places are currently accustomed to wedding rentals, so proms are a simple extension. They’re also quite decorative to start with, and need very little tension when it pertains to embellishing for the big day. Reward? You can make do with stylish neighborhood flowers and skip the ugly streamers.

Catered Cuisine

Since the teenagers usually delight in a nice meal on the big night, perhaps preparing a sit-down supper at the senior prom itself or in the home in advance is something to try. It keeps the per-person meal expense to a minimum and makes targeted fund raising much easier. Your options are broad open with this meal plan. Ethnic entrees, baked fish, as well as stuffed chicken breast are all up for factor to consider. You simply have to have actually the meals bought and spent for ahead of time.


Getting dolled up type of comes with the prom region. All of us wish to look fantastic for less, but the pressure to look swank for this teen occasion makes numerous moms and dads feel like they’ve to overspend when supporting their kids on the big day.


You do not should invest huge bucks in order to make your manicure rock. Investing in a couple of secret devices at the charm supply store and choosing a neutral color will go a long means to providing you the look you want.


One of the many things you can do with hairpins is produce fancy hairstyles. This is especially important throughout prom season, when lots of young women are looking for ways to use their hair with their dress of selection. Elaborately twisted braids, loose up-dos, and even more are all in high need at beauty parlors during this time of year, however you can skip the beauty store bill and have fantastic hair for less.


After finding the ideal dress, the pressure is on to equip in a remarkable way. There’s no reason to dish out for diamonds when there are plenty of economical precious jewelry options for you to choose from. Crystals are appropriately sparkly. So is marquisette. Young gents might want to obtain Dad’s cuff links to honor the occasion.

Prom period does not need to spend a lot. Making mindful options throughout the planning procedure can go a long means towards continuing to be on budget while still having an elegant occasion.

How have you saved money on the prom?