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For the last couple of years, customers have complained about airline charges. You’ve to spend for checked bags, and if you want a little extra space for your legs, you can pay a premium for that, too. Gradually, though, all those costs can accumulate. Plus, it can be troublesome to constantly be getting in payment information for your bags.

United is hoping that you may be willing to abandon a few of the aggravation of regular payments and pay an annual subscription rather. You can check a single bag for any flight for a year if you’re willing to pay $349 for the year, 2 bags per air travel will cost you $399 annually. As long as you’re traveling in the continental United States, you can pay the one cost and not hassle with costs when you board.

United is also charging a subscription for Economy Plus, which offers you added legroom for comfort. Lots of airlines have actually begun charging for seats with extra legroom. The expense is even more than “regular” coach, however less than first/business class. If you want to pay $499 each year, you can get an Economy Plus upgrade on all your flights.

Other airlines charge for bags and extra legroom, and a host of various other perks, however United is the first to offer subscriptions to those who want to pay one yearly cost, and avoid routine aggravations.

If you travel enough, the subscription may be worth it. Depending on the airline you make use of, the first checked bag can cost anywhere between $20 and $25, and a second bag between $25 and $35. After a few roundtrip flights, your subscription can pay for itself. As for the legroom, you’ve to choose the amount of your convenience is worth.

What do you think? Would you pay a subscription for inspected bags and/or extra legroom?