Take a take a look at your smart phone costs. Torturous, is not it? How about that web bill? It’s probably not as uncomfortable, but nonetheless can be a source of irritation. Freedompop offers 100% free mobile phone service and internet, but is it any good?
Now, imagine doing away with both of those expenses. Consider all the cash you ‘d conserve, getaways you ‘d take, and financial obligation you ‘d settle. FreedomPop, a totally free cordless web and smart phone service, just could be the ticket. But as you know, free usually– and ironically– includes a non-monetary expense. So is it right for you?


FreedomPop does undoubtedly provide free smart phone and web service. Right here are the totally free services we found on their site:

  • Home Internet (1GB Basic Plan): 1GB (perfect for basic internet browsing and e-mail, $0.01 / MB for additional data)
  • Mobile Phone (Basic Plan): 200 Voice Minutes, 500 Text Messages, 500MB Data ($0.025 / MB for extra information)
  • On The Go Internet (Standard 500MB): 500MB (fantastic for Facebook and e-mail, $0.02 / MB for additional data)

They likewise provide rates prepare for faster speeds and even more information for bigger cravings. Right here are the top-tier strategies we discovered:

  • Home Internet (Fastest 10GB): $18.99 / month for 10GB and 12Mbps (ideal for image sharing, gaming, and video streaming, $0.007 / MB for extra data)
  • Mobile Phone (Unlimited Talk/Text): $10.99 / month for Unlimited Voice and Text and 500MB of Data ($0.025 / MB for extra data)
  • On The Go Internet (Opened 4GB): $28.99 / month for 4GB (great for Facebook and YouTube, $0.01 / MB for additional data)

Some of the higher tier plans have free trials, check FreedomPop’s website for information. These prices are likewise subject to alter, so be encouraged! Another consideration is phone prices. Rates for FreedomPop’s are fairly sensible, but don’t expect any mind-blowing discounts like you might discover when registering for a contracted strategy. The phones we discovered on FreedomPop’s website ranged from $119 to $399.

Data Speed

FreedomPop partners with Sprint to provide its consumers with cordless service. Unfortunately, Sprint is not really very excellent when it pertains to data speeds. According to PhoneArena.com, Sprint is available in Fourth place for average U.S. 4G download speeds when competing with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. Sprint comes in 3rd place for average U.S. 3G download speeds when taking on the exact same. If you are on T-Mobile or AT&T, or maybe even Verizon, do not anticipate comparable download speeds when switching to FreedomPop. If internet speed is important to you, stick with T-Mobile or AT&T. Granted, if you are not streaming video, you couldn’t even notice much of a difference in between the carriers. But if you enjoy YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu, it’s most likely best to find a better option for you than FreedomPop, and not simply because of slower download speeds …

Data Limits

You may have observed that FreedomPop has data ‘restrictions’ on some of their plans. While they are not actually restrictions (as far as we can tell), they do begin charging you extra once you’ve actually satisfied your plan’s month-to-month allocated information quantity. Families usually utilize a great deal of information. It’s not unusual to see households make use of over 50GB at home for their internet service– and some use a lot more. That can build up. Once again, if you are streaming video, you are going to really want really unrestricted house web service. You do not want to need to worry about how many Netflix motion pictures you are enjoying. On the mobile phone side of things, 500MB is not much. Numerous people are utilizing somewhere around 2GB per month.


FreedomPop has a limited, but good option of smartphones. We found the Samsung Success 4G LTE, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the iPhone 5. All these phones were reconditioned– probably to keep the costs down. They also have a variety of on-the-go and home-based devices for linking to the internet. Periodically, you’ll see these devices go on sale for a deal.


FreedomPop has good coverage, but it’s a good idea to check your area to see if service is readily available– you can do so by seeing FreedomPop’s web site and entering your postal code. As previously pointed out, FreedomPop utilizes Sprint’s network, which when compared with the other 3 significant carriers, doesn’t have as much coverage.

Final Thoughts