As a person that constantly searches for a travel deal, I typically visit online travel websites to contrast the most effective costs. Several of these websites take place to offer bank card that allow me to gain factors on trips booked through the websites. So is it far better to obtain a travel charge card that allows you obtain factors at one area or is it much better to merely get a good general trip rewards card?

I considered MyBankTracker’s top option amongst travel-site bank card (Priceline Benefits Visa) and the leading recommended travel charge card (Barclaycard Arrival And also Globe Elite MasterCard) to help answer that question.

Find the Better Travel Card: Priceline Rewards Visa vs. Barclaycard Arrival Plus, refinance

Here are the aspects that I thought about when examining the 2 cards:

  • Travel benefits
  • Rewards program
  • Annual fee
  • Interest rates
  • Card protections


The wonderful point regarding trip is that it allows you to see brand-new points as well as catch new dealings with, but it can feature its fair share of frustrations. Trip benefits can aid reduce those troubles and make your travel a much more comfy experience.

Priceline Rewards Visa: No pre-set investing limit and also individual attendant, travel upgrades and discount rates at choose Visa companions (Visa Signature)

Barclaycard Landing Plus World Elite MasterCard: No pre-set investing limitation, individual concierge, no foreign deal charges and EMV chip modern technology, trip upgrades and discount rates at select MasterCard partners

The Priceline card has a suitable lineup of trip benefits. The no pre-set spending restriction allows you invest additional freely throughout your travel while individual attendant serves as a handy personal aide for reserving trips as well as bookings at well-liked restaurants and additional. But, the Arrival Plus provides every little thing that the Priceline card provides, plus more. With no international transaction fees, you do not pay the common 3 % fee for using your card abroad. And, the EMV (called for Europay, MasterCard and also Visa) chip technology offers better safety when utilizing your card for purchases, specifically abroad.

WINNER (Travel benefits): Barclaycard Landing Plus World Elite MasterCard


Earning incentives is just what makes benefits charge card so unique. When those benefits can be found in the type of free trips, I’m a very happy traveler. So, lets view exactly how each of both cards can make that take place:

Card Priceline Rewards Visa Barclaycard Arrival Including World Elite MasterCard
Rewards program Earn 5 factors per dollar on investments, 1 factor each dollar on all various other purchases Earn 2 points each buck invested on all acquisitions (consisting of trip)
Redemption options Statement credits Statement credits
Redemption rate 1 factor each 1 cent (ex-spouse. 10,000 for a $ONE HUNDRED statement credit), starting at $25 1 point each 1 cent on trip statement credits, 2 points each cent on all other statement credit reports, starting at $25
Points expiration 4 years after points are issued Never
Scenario A: $1,000 spent at 5,000 points (worth $50 travel declaration credit) 2,000 points (worth $20 trip statement credit) + 200 points back
Scenario B: $500 invested at and $500 invested elsewhere 3,000 points (worth $30 trip declaration credit) 2,000 factors (worth $20 trip declaration credit rating) + 200 factors back

From the sample situations over, you could see that the Priceline card will certainly rack up points more quickly, and also as a result enable you to redeem trip declaration credit histories quicker. (Declaration credit ratings are nearly like refunds on acquisitions – pay initially, then “delete” the acquisitions with statement credit reports.)

But, when you step far from purely Priceline travel purchases, the value of the Priceline card diminishes profoundly and the side begins to sway in the support of the Landing Plus card. This opts for any of the various other online travel-site credit report cards.

The issue right here is that I would just use the Priceline card for Priceline investments due to the fact that I could most likely lug a card like Citi Double Cash money (pays additional compared to 1 % cash money back) for my other purchases.

In fact, I would most likely be much more inclined to enroll in a Discover it ® card rather of the Priceline Incentives Visa. Discover it ® allows you authorize up to make 5 % money back on particular categories that rotate every quarter while you make 1 % cash back on everything else. Since many of these classifications include common acquisitions like gas, eating as well as on the internet purchasing, you’re a lot more most likely to utilize on the 5 % cash back from Discover it ® as opposed to the 5x points from the Priceline card.

If I’m not booking with Priceline, I’m not maximizing exactly what the Priceline card was made for, whereas the Landing Plus is an excellent selection no matter just what I invest on.

Now, just before you go basing your decision exclusively on the rewards program, note that there are additionally charges and advantages to consider. Keep checking out to learn exactly how these 2 cards stack up in those areas.

WINNER (Rewards program): Tied


Priceline Rewards Visa: $0

Barclaycard Arrival Including Globe Elite MasterCard: $89, waived for the very first year

Most of the charge card that you find won’t have a yearly charge (just what you pay annually for the benefit of having any sort of particular card), which is great – I prefer not to pay any sort of cost if I didn’t have to. You’ll eventually run right into some cards that ask for an annual fee due to the fact that they have a very great rewards program or handy perks.

While the Priceline Incentives Visa has a decent incentives program, it isn’t really fairly enough to justify an annual cost. The Barclaycard Landing And also Globe Elite MasterCard does have an annual fee due to the fact that of the added value from its rewards program as well as travel benefits, such as no international deal fees.

However, I have the tendency to prefer the cards without yearly cost since you do not have to fret about drawing out the worth from a benefits card that has an annual fee. It’s a stringent numbers video game that places the Priceline Benefits Visa in advance in this category.

WINNER (Annual fee): Priceline Rewards Visa


Priceline Rewards Visa: 14.99% or 21.99% APR

Barclaycard Landing And also World Elite MasterCard: 14.99% or 18.99% APR

The scary facet of interest fees is that it has the tendency to keep you in the red for longer amount of times. With a lesser rates of interest, you pay less passion as well as are most likely to eliminate card balances.

Travel charge card, nevertheless, are well-known for bring relatively high rates of interest. You ought to not lug an equilibrium on these cards. If you do, you’re voiding your rewards when you pay interest.

Although it is constantly a great suggestion to repay card equilibriums and stay away from passion costs, it may not consistently be possible. That’s why I ‘d still choose the most affordable APR feasible to reduce those charges.

Of the 2 cards, the Arrival Including card brings the lesser APR array – still quite high for a charge card, but below the Priceline card.

WINNER (Interest rates): Barclaycard Arrival Plus Globe Elite MasterCard


Did your trip simply acquire delayed by bad weather condition and you have to shell out more cash for an additional evening at the resort? Fortunately, some cards have actually a perk called travel hold-up repayment, which pays you back for resorts and also dishes that you spent for throughout the time that your journey was postponed. You may obtain residence behind anticipated, but you’re not losing cash for an unanticipated delay.

It is just an example of the many travel-related card securities that a credit report card could provide. With travel cards, like the Arrival Including and Priceline cards, you can anticipate much more securities. Here is the listing of card defenses that are supplied by these two cards:

The Priceline Benefits Visa could come in 2 various versions: Visa Platinum or Visa Trademark. Visa Signature is the much better version due to the fact that it has all the Visa Platinum benefits plus additional advantages. The model that you obtain will depend on your credit.

Card Priceline Rewards Visa Barclaycard Arrival Including World Elite MasterCard
$0 liability fraud protection Yes Yes
Purchase protection Yes Yes
Price protection Yes Yes
Return protection Yes Yes
Extended warranty Yes Yes
Travel & emergency assistance Yes Yes
Roadside Assistance Yes Yes
Auto rental insurance Yes Yes
Travel accident insurance Yes Yes
Trip cancellation/interruption coverage Yes (Visa Signature only) Yes
Trip delay reimbursement Yes (Visa Signature only) No
Baggage delay insurance No Yes
Lost luggage reimbursement Yes (Visa Signature only) No
ID theft resolution No Yes

As you can see, both cards come with a really comparable suite of card protections. The distinctions are that only the Priceline Benefits Visa has travel hold-up insurance coverage as well as lost travel luggage insurance policy while simply the Barclaycard Landing Plus has baggage hold-up insurance and identification theft resolution service.

Given that their card protections are concerning the exact same with quite slight benefits apiece, I’ll call this an also matchup.

WINNER (Card protections): Tied

VERDICT: Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard

Let’s be honest right here, unless you are a devoted Priceline consumer who can make best use of the Priceline Benefits Visa, the Barclaycard Arrival Including World Elite MasterCard stands as the far better trip charge card. The very same conclusion puts on all the various other on-line travel-site credit cards.

Right now, there is an appealing initial on the Barclaycard Arrival Plus Globe Elite MasterCard: make 40,000 benefit miles when you invest $3,000 on acquisitions in the very first 90 days. That’s equivalent to $400 in travel statement credits.

If you occur to in fact have a Priceline Incentives Visa, or any one of the various other travel-site bank card, we ‘d like to hear just how you’re making it help you – kindly share in the comments below.
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