cut your utility bills

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I recently composed a visitor post for an additional individual finance blog site about my $11 electric costs during the month of January 2013. I was pleasantly surprised to see when the post amassed a whole bunch of concerns and comments, most of which revolved around the idea of “how in the world did you get your costs down so reduced? ” One commenter even composed that she questioned she could open her garage door for such a little amount.

So how did I lower my electric expense? How have I slashed all of my energy expenses over the past few years?

Here are a few of the easy ways I have cut my expenses down by hundreds of dollars:

Sweep the house nightly. No, I am not discussing busting out the broom or vacuum– I am discussing doing a final sweep of the whole home each night before going to sleep to make sure every little thing has been turned off or unplugged. You ‘d be surprised the amount of your expense could creep up from easy things such as leaving the hall light on overnight or keeping the patio light burning till you leave for work the following morning.

Avoid the phantom load. Phantom tons refers to the quantity of electricity a device still makes use of even when not in use. An instance would be leaving your phone charger plugged into the wall even after your phone has been charged and detached from the charger. With the charger in the wall, it’s still pulling a small amount of electrical power to be “prepared” for the following thing it’s plugged into. This is also true for TVs and DVD players. My solution is to plug every little thing into a surge-protecting power strip and flip the switch off each night.

Turn down the temperature. This suggestion is for more than simply your thermostat– you need to additionally turn down your water heating system (to 120 degrees) to conserve upwards of $400 each year !!

Burn a candle. Your best option at recognizing heating/cooling leaks in your residence? Light a candle and thoroughly perambulate as you take note of the smoke and flame. An indication of a leak that must be plugged right away would be a change in direction of the flame or the smoke being pulled to a window or door.

Stock the shelves. If your fridge has little more than some outdated condiments and musty takeout in it, make sure to fill the area with water bottles, etc. (after you clean it obviously!). A fully stocked fridge utilizes less energy to preserve its temperature level than an empty one.

Crack it open. Each and every time I utilize the oven to cook, I fracture the door open to make the most of the additional heat. It might be temporary increase of heat, however it makes a globe of distinction on those cold New England winter evenings!

What’re some things you’ve done to cut your energy costs?