Highway congestion leads to longer commute times and reduced property values.

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Highway blockage leads to longer commute times and decreased property values.

If you’re considering buying a home near a highway, see to it the traffic jam isn’t going to adversely affect your property value. Some of the factors that influence home values consist of place, commute times, institution quality, community criminal offense, shopping centers and quality traffic. Congestion can vary throughout the day, week or year as conditions alter. In locations with inclement weather condition such as frequent snow or rain, the highways often back up even more since motorists need to reduce for security.

Commute Times

The most obvious impact of motorway congestion is that it slows down your commute to and from the work. Commute time is one of the first factors a potential buyer will think about when choosing an area. Your home will look far less appealing if the buyer can not get to work within a sensible timespan. The buyer needs to factor the added time and fuel costs into the choice.

Noise and Pollution

Heavy traffic on a close-by highway produces noise that can disturb the neighborhood. The effect on residential property values depends on the amount of of an invasion the noise causes, the number of homes impacted, and the noise level over acceptable requirements. Sound levels vary based on the types of cars taking a trip on the freeway, their speed and the volume of quality traffic. A highway loaded with tractor-trailer trucks will create even more sound than a comparable quantity of smaller sized vehicles, and will likely switch off possible purchasers. Stopped or slow-moving web traffic likewise brings about air pollution due to the fact that of the volume of poisonous emissions taking place in the same area. This likewise can harm the value of the home.

Mitigating Factors

Public transport can offset a few of the damaging impacts of motorway congestion. Offering commuters an option to the highway will lower the variety of cars on the road and enhance the flow of quality traffic. Even if a home’s value has been hurt by blockage on nearby highways, it’ll likely restore value if local legislators pass regulation to install brand-new public transit systems such as rail or bus lines convenient to the home. You may also be able to recover a few of your lost property value if there are new road construction jobs planned for the near future, such as constructing more motorways or adding HOV lanes to existing ones.


Remember to review the web traffic flow in the area before purchasing a house. Think about the growth of the community when making your choice. If you see lots of new housing developments, you can most likely expect more motorway blockage in the future. The existing roadway system may not be able to handle the surrounding populace.