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You understand that an error on your credit report can result in a lower credit rating, and possibly cost you cash as a result. However what if the error is not something that’s reported wrong, but rather something that was misapplied to your credit report?

When you’ve someone else’s details on your credit report, it’s called a mixed credit report. And, according to, it can be harder than you believe to repair the trouble.

The Trouble with Mixed Credit Reports

With a mixed credit report, the trouble is that the details reported is generally exact – for someone else. A mixed credit report is most likely to result when you’ve a name that prevails. A name like Jared Smith or Cindy Anderson might easily be mixed, considering that there are likely lots of people with those names.

What’s difficult, says Mint, is that the information on the credit report is not really technically wrong. A bank or lender cannot “repair” what’s being sent in, since it’s accurate, it’s simply being applied to the wrong credit report.

So, what can you do? Valuable little. You can challenge the information, and do what you can to reveal that the information being applied your credit report is not really yours. As soon as the confirmation process is finished, the info must be eliminated. But there’s a likelihood that it’ll appear again … and again … and once again. Mint suggests that you attempt to get the credit bureau to suppress the incorrect details.

In completion, however, vigilance is your finest defense. And you should be diligent, since a credit scoring formula cannot tell the difference in between exact information and incorrection details.