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When many of us think about Discover, we think of charge card (including the new Discover it card). Nonetheless, Discover provides conventional financial services in addition to credit cards. In fact, Discover Bank showcases competitive yields on cost savings products and some loan items.

Discover markets is its cost savings account as ‘over 5X the National Cost savings Average,’ although the yields are not the greatest readily available. But they’re high enough to validate thinking about an account with Discover Bank.

A Little History Behind Discover Bank

The Discover card was introduced in 1986, however the bank is a more recent development. The company likes to push that reality that the Brand name Keys Consumer Loyalty Engagement Index has ranked Discover (the card) # 1 in customer loyalty for 17 years in a row.

Discover Bank cropped up throughout the boom in online banking that happened a couple of years back. The online facet offers Discover with the capacity to offer savings products to consumers, in addition to credit cards.

For the first quarter of 2013, Bankrate provided Discover Bank its 5-Star Safe and Sound score. Even though Discover Bank is FDIC-insured, lots of consumers still like to see that their bank has health.

Features and Benefits of Discover Bank

As you may anticipate, Discover provides credit cards, consisting of the Discover it card, a version of the Discover it for pupils, and business opportunity charge card choices. All these credit cards are considered sensibly competitive and offer access to Discover’s money back program. In addition to the popular credit card offerings, Discover Bank provides a variety of cost savings products, along with three loan products.

Online Savings

As of this writing, Discover Bank provides 0.80 % APY on its online savings account. This is high enough to continue to be competitive and be a top tier offering, but it’s not the greatest yield you’ll discover there. There’s no minimum balance requirement and no month-to-month fee. Nevertheless, you do need $500 to open an online cost savings account.

Money Market Account

Discover Bank also provides a cash market account. As of this writing, the APY on a cash market account is 0.70 % on deposits of between $2,500 and $99,999. Balances of over $100,000 pay a yield of 0.80 %. You require $2,500 to open a cash market account, and there’s a $10 cost for months in which your typical day-to-day balance dips below $2,500. You can access funds by means of check, debit card, or online. Nevertheless, this is still considered a cost savings account, so you’re restricted to six withdrawals a month.


Discover Bank provides competitive CD rates, with a 1 year CD at 0.80 % since this writing. If you want to secure the money for a longer time period, the rates are above 1 %. You need a minimum of $2,500 to open a CD account. There are likewise renewal choices that make it simple to build CD ladders and renew your CD when the term is up.


You can include your retirement planning with Discover Bank. Discover Bank can assist you rollover your 401(k) to an IRA, or to transfer your IRA. You can also include CDs in an IRA, and Discover Bank can help you do that, too. Although Discover Bank acclaims its IRA CD, the truth is that the practically the same APYs are provided, and you do not get any truly special advantages, you just hold the CD account in an Individual Retirement Account.

Loan Products

You can choose from three different types of loans with Discover Bank:

  1. Mortgages
  2. Student Loans
  3. Personal Loans

Discover Bank promotes its individual loan as one that can be utilized to consolidate debt as well as to fund larger purchases. There are likewise a variety of pupil loans to pick from, consisting of those planned for college student as well as undergraduate students. It’s even possible to obtain a bar test loan designed to assist law students spend for prep and the cost of the exam.

Mobile Banking

Discover Bank provides a mobile banking app that makes it easy to access your account from anywhere. You can manage your account from your mobile app, including having a look at just how much interest each account has actually made. The mobile banking app from Discover likewise consists of remote deposit. This is a hassle-free feature that numerous banks are taking on. It’s likewise possible for you to schedule your costs payments utilizing this app. There’s a convenient ATM locator that can assist you access your cash in the ‘real life’ – no issue where you are.

It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that Discover works with Google Pocketbook, so you can include your credit card information to your digital pocketbook without too much difficulty.

Educational Resources and Client Service

You’ll find a number of academic resources on the Discover Bank website. There’s a retirement planning center, as well as a number of handy short articles on monetary management. You can likewise find an extensive help facility that showcases Frequently asked questions related to different services and products. You can discover contact information as well, consisting of online contact, phone contact, and even general delivery contact details. Discover claims that it provides 24/7 help, so you can call anytime.


Discover offers its own shopping site, which you can access from the Discover Bank site. If you’ve a credit card, you can get ‘super-charged’ money back at even more than 200 merchants. For regular shoppers, this can be a method to build up cash back even quicker.

Bottom Line

Discover Bank is not really particularly impressive when it comes to online banking, however it’s a strong choice. On savings items, you get yields that are considered leading tier. You can also get access to a various loan items that provide you with a variety of choices.

Hard-core rate chasers will most likely find Discover Bank a bit tame. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a trustworthy online bank with easy-to-use features and a mobile app, Discover Bank is a sensibly great selection.