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With the holiday quickly approaching, customers might be clinching their pocketbooks in anticipation of the approaching spending spree. To alleviate the discomfort to their pocketbooks, customers can count on credit card rewards for presents and travel. “We are seeing that while customers wish to hold their spending plans about the exact same, they are trying to get even more value from that,” said Shane Holdaway, managing vice president at Capital One, in an interview. “It includes a mix of being vigilant with price cuts at merchants and using charge card rewards to get even more value out of their holiday dollar.”

In a current Capital One study, 57 percent of respondents stated that they aim to spend the exact same quantity as in 2012 on vacation shopping, despite the improving economy.

Depending on a charge card’s rewards program, the redemption choices will differ considerably, however they commonly consist of gift cards, product, travel, cash back and even more.

Gift cards are preferred

Gift cards are most likely to be the greatest incentive redemption for credit card individuals. They’re simple gifts that offer plenty of versatility for recipients. Some credit card rewards programs, consisting of Capital One’s, are offering discount rates on gift card redemptions throughout the holiday season.

“We’ve gift card promotions where, for example, you can get a $100 present card with $80 in rewards,” Holdaway said. “We are doing it clearly for the holiday to help consumers make their dollars stretch a bit more. And, we are dealing with a bunch of retailers to remain to do that over the vacations.”

Despite the notion that present cards stand for an absence of thoughtfulness in the act of gift-giving, 6 in 10 Americans preferred to receive gift cards, according to a current survey from the National Retail Federation.

Don’t forget travel costs

Credit card benefits will not only assist consumers conserve cash on presents, they can likewise reduce the expense of vacation travel.

Many credit card rewards programs will permit customers to redeem points, cash back and miles to flights, hotels and resort lodgings, car rentals and travel bundles.

“Travel is something that individuals do not factor into their budgets during the holidays,” included Holdaway. “Various expenses consist of the travel, the eating out and the holiday parties – all those things actually accumulate.”

Donate during the vacation season

Although the vacation spirit’s most likely to draw out the more generous side of customers, numerous of them won’t contribute their credit card benefits.

According to the Capital One study, 59 percent of consumers know that they can be able to donate their charge card benefits to charity, however only 5 percent plan to do so, below eight percent in 2012.

‘Those who do contribute their rewards have the tendency to do it for tax reasons,’ stated Holdaway. “We see a huge spike in benefit contributions on Dec. 31.”

The IRS does rule out donated credit card points or miles to be tax deductible. To declare a tax reduction on donated rewards, customers can utilize the points and miles to redeem for incentives themselves, then cut a check to the charity.

As with most circumstances relating to taxes, it’s best to seek advice from a tax professional for questions regarding your certain situations.