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During the 3rd quarter of 2013, more Americans fell behind in their credit card payments. However, even with this small boost in late payments, records U.S.A Today, the variety of late payments continues to be near six-year lows.

In the second quarter of 2013, the rate of charge card repayments more than 90 days past due increased to 1.27 percent. The number for the third quarter ticked a little higher to 1.27 percent. However, the average of such late payments given that 2007 has actually been 2.2 percent. It’s clear that, even though some delinquency is sneaking back, Americans are mainly able to meet their credit responsibilities on time.

Credit Card Balances Continue to Drop

Part of the reason that the late-payment rate might be reasonably reduced is most likely due to the fact that credit card balances continue to drop. U.S.A Today points out that card balances have been falling over the previous year, and that balances are near historic lows. Americans are settling their debts – and they’re reluctant to handle new debt.

This reluctance is evident, even though the number of new charge card account opened has increased. It seems as though customers prepare to be wise about their charge card use, making use of cards for balance transfers (to help pay for financial obligation) or as part of budgeting efforts to earn incentive points without paying interest.

While there are some signs that customers are ready to invest a bit even more cash again, it appears that they aren’t ready to acquire the debt balances to do so. Rather, they’re most likely to utilize cash, credit, or debit, or to utilize their credit cards as part of a spending plan, then pay them off as quickly as possible.