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Craigslist or eBay? When you’re trying to obtain rid of mess around your house and make a little money, that concern can be difficult. Specifically when you want to get the biggest return possible for exactly what you’re selling.

With each item, you’ll wish to think about the following:

  • How much would shipping cost?
  • Is the extra income I’d make by means of eBay worth the inconvenience of shipping it out?
  • Do I want to risk auctioning the product or go with the safe-bet rate?
  • Are there sufficient people in my locality to sell the product through Craigslist at all?
  • Is the risk of satisfying a stranger on Craigslist worth a few extra dollars?

So why don’t we take a look at 10 common products that you might sell with an on-line advertisement and see if it makes more sense to publish each product on Craigslist or eBay.

1. Furniture

You might be able to bring more for an offered piece through eBay, however shipping costs can be definitely prohibitive unless you’re discussing a smaller sized, highly coveted piece of furniture (i.e., an antique). I was just able to sell an old bed by means of Craigslist for $150. The shipping would’ve been at least that much if I tried to sell it on eBay. Winner: Craigslist

2. Media Items

When you’re selling specific books, CDs, DVDs, video games, or vinyl, demand is commonly a necessity in order to discover a purchaser. Winner: eBay

3. Autos, Recreational Automobiles, and Bikes

Cars on Craigslist has become a big business. I’d the ability to sell an automobile for the exact same price I purchased it (utilized) 2 years previously. The need is sky-high. When again, delivering becomes an expensive element right here unless you’ve something extremely distinct that could possibly bring a much higher rate with the added demand you’ll get via eBay. It’s also challenging to discover purchasers who’re willing to shell out significant funds without first inspecting the condition. Winner: Craigslist

4. TVs

There will be a neighborhood supply/demand for nearly any kind of TV on or off the market. At the exact same time, they’re very heavy and delicate, which postures significant shipping issues. Winner: Craigslist

5. Event Tickets

I’ve really struggled with this one myself. I’ve just bought tickets from Craigslist advertisements, I’ve found that eBay prices are too high, and I could get a better offer acquiring from someone locally in the last couple of days or hours before an occasion. However this post isn’t about buying, it’s about selling. If you’ve tickets for a high-demand event and have a few months or weeks to sell and deliver them off, eBay is the method to go. If you need to unload a ticket a couple of days prior to an occasion or less, Craigslist could be the only choice. Winner: Depends on the timeframe

6. Clothing

The reality that you can attempt something on personally may exercise to your benefit if you list via Craigslist. But 9 times out of 10 (if you’re as particular of a clothes buyer as I am) it’ll not. When you sell via eBay, the purchaser will seldom return the product if it comes as promised. If they don’t like the means it looks on them, they’ll generally just re-sell it. Additionally, shipping is frequently economical. Winner: eBay

7. Used Cell Phones

I’ve seen three-year-old out-of-date cell phones quote on up to over $50 on eBay. My theory on this? Individuals fall for certain models, are locked in to agreements, and when their gadgets fail them, have to get them back. Since they can no longer quickly discover the older phones, they’re willing to bid up to unexpected levels on EBay. This is absolutely a group that benefits from nationwide need. Winner: eBay

8. Computers

Computers are such a product with the just huge differentiators being the hardware and operating system, that they’re regularly gotten and sold at the regional level. They can additionally be pricey to deliver and really breakable, and a computer system is an item that people may wish to try out prior to getting utilized. Winner: Craigslist

9. Tools

Tools are a category where size actually does matter. The smaller the device, the more likely you’ll have the ability to fetch a larger quantity for it on eBay due to the fact that of higher need and lesser shipping costs. The larger the device, the more likely you’ll have substantial local need for it, and shipping expenses become prohibitive. Bigger devices generally fetch greater prices, too, and buyers normally wish to look them over. Wow, a lot of innuendos. Winner: Depends on tool size

10. Pet Supplies

When Fido goes to that little doggy place in the sky, he often leaves lots of products. Americans are anticipated to spend $51 billion on animal materials in 2011. That’s a lot of pet crates, beds, bowls, and more. You’re typically not going to be able to re-sell little used toys, but there’s a lot of demand out there for the larger animal products. Dozens, maybe hundreds of people in your community are becoming newbie pet owners every day. When neighborhood need is high and shipping costs are too, resort to Craigslist. Winner: Craigslist

Deciding whether to sell on Craigslist or eBay differs for each item. I’ve provided some general guidelines here, but there will always be exceptions. Prior to you list an item, I’d suggest that you check existing and completed listings for that item on eBay and also search for that same product on Craigslist. Find out what items have been sold for. That, along with approximating shipping costs, need to offer you a wonderful concept which choice will offer you the best return.