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If you watch TLC, then you’ve actually most likely become aware of or viewed ‘Extreme Couponing.’ It’s a TELEVISION program about people who invest many hours per week undergoing voucher clippings, identifying the best ways to buy hundreds of dollars of products for pennies on the dollar.

The practice of severe couponing has become increasingly popular over the past few years as families search for even more methods to be more prudent with their purchasing routines. However is there a such thing as being too penny-wise?

Saving cash is obviously ideal, but if you are investing hours per week simply to save a couple of dollars at the supermarket, is it really worth your time? Before you step into the couponing arena, it’s necessary to figure out whether you wish to be a hobbyist or a severe couponer.

Getting Started

Anyone who’s watched ‘Extreme Couponing’ was probably charmed by the prospective savings the first time they saw the program, but in reality, conserving 10s or hundreds of dollars with couponing is a challenging job. It takes a great deal of company, not to point out a lot of math. You don’t wish to be that individual who miscalculated and either pays full offer or returns all those items to the shelves, much to the inconvenience of the cashier and people waiting in line behind you.

To avoid getting overloaded, take it slow. Even if you desire couponing to be more than just a hobby, don’t stress about the deals you can be missing and misuse numerous hours in pursuit of the most cost savings or complimentary stuff. Instead, print or clip whatever vouchers come your way and hold back on the more ‘severe’ aspects of couponing till you’ve even more experience.

Finding Coupons

Newspaper ads and voucher leaflets utilized to be the most usual places to find good deals, but in the past couple of years, couponing websites have actually grown in popularity. You may have to spend for the cost of printing, however it’s normally much easier to find the types of coupons you are looking for, not to mention offers (such as manufacturers’ discount coupons) you mightn’t have actually become aware of, had you stuck solely to local advertisements.

Couponing hobbyists have the tendency to select one or two websites they such as and stick with those, while severe couponers maximize their use of paper ads and browse with a number of couponing internet sites trying to find unseen gems that might conserve them a great deal of cash at the shop.

A couple of excellent internet sites for discovering coupons and promotional deals consist of:

  • The Krazy Coupon Lady
  • Coupon Network
  • RetailMeNot
  • Money Saving Mom
  • Passion for Savings

Staying Organized

Regardless of whether this is just a hobby or a full-on lifestyle for you and your household, the trick to being successful at couponing is remaining organized. You do not want to be that person who holds up the line at a supermarket as you are mixing with a relatively limitless assortment of vouchers. Instead, come up with a filing system to keep everything in order. For some couponers, this could be classified envelopes (one for milk products, one for toiletries, one for beverages, and so on) or an expandable folder in which you get vouchers by expiration dates and shops where you can pre-owned them. Whatever works for you, as long as you can collect and organize them successfully. Nobody wishes to waste time browsing for a coupon they thought they clipped!

Understanding Wants vs. Needs

The intensity of couponing practices separates the enthusiasts from the severe couponers.

While hobbyists might spend an hour or so going through discount coupons, extreme couponers spend hours searching for discount coupons, clipping or printing coupons, and formulating their next shopping trip, so they can get the best offer possible. The issue here is that couponing, if not completeded in moderation, becomes less about saving cash than it does about getting as much cost-free stuff or the biggest savings possible.

Buying sixty cups of yogurt in one shopping journey simply because you can get them for five cents each is not promoting a sustainable way of life unless you intend on consuming all of it prior to it ends. Some couponers gather dozens of bottles of spices, hundreds of common toiletry products, and many drinks, simply because they were ‘such a good deal.’ While these are severe examples, discover to separate between desires and requires early on in your couponing ventures. You’ll conserve a lot of time, money, and area in the end.

The Verdict

Couponing in moderation is eventually the best way to deal with getting offers at the supermarket. Although you could lose out on some ‘outstanding offers,’ you’ll have even more time for various other pastimes but still be able to conserve some money on your grocery expenses.

Are you an enthusiast couponer or do you strive to be a way of living couponer?