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When looking for inspiration for debt settle, numerous consumers read the tales of others who were successful in getting rid of their debt. One such story is the severe reward initiated by a couple who managed to pay down $50,000 in financial obligation in one year.

Yahoo! Finance shares the story of Angela and Ted Jalad, who settled $50,000 in debt in one year by making extreme modifications to their way of livings. It’s real that they got a good running start with a tax return of $8,000, and by offering some unneeded products, but once they got started, they altered the way the did things.

Some of things the Jalads did to pay off their financial obligation consist of:

  • Moved in with Ted’s parents
  • Created a grocery list of 10 standard products and produced their meals from that
  • Cut back to live off half of one income
  • Stopped spending so much on entertainment

After a year of coping with extreme frugality and putting every spare cent towards paying back financial obligation (consisting of student loans), the Jalads are debt-free and beginning to delight in life more.

It’s true that, integrated, the couple makes $7,500 a month – which is an amount that numerous middle-class households do not see each month. (And it helps that they do not have kids.)

However, the principles continue to be the same. Spend less than you earn, and focus on so that paying down financial obligation is your primary focus.

Is this something you could do? Could you live so frugally that you could settle $50,000 in financial obligation in just a year?