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It’s typically appealing to just look at numbers when it concerns salary. If you’re visiting make more cash, it seems like a piece of cake to move to a brand-new city.

But is it actually a good concept to move just for the salary? Expense of living differs from city to city, and making a huge move for a bigger wage can wind up putting you behind financially.

If you’re looking for a method to evaluate whether or not a step makes good sense for you, consider the cost of living calculator provided by CNN Money.

How Much Greater is the Cost of Living Somewhere Else?

I plugged in my present earnings for my city in Utah and then aimed to see exactly what the distinction would be if I relocated to a mid-sized city in Minnesota (because that’s where my husband has made an application for a task). In order to preserve the exact same way of life, we’d have to make $3,606 more each year. That’s not a significant difference, my spouse’s hypothetical new earnings can quickly make up the difference.

But exactly what’d happen if we relocated someplace like Manhattan, New York? The calculator shows that we’d have to make $139,125 more to live an equivalent way of living. The CNN Money calculator shows just how much more we ‘d pay for groceries (61 %), housing (a whopping 407 %), energies (39 %), transport (30 %), and healthcare (45 %).

Even if my spouse got a job making $60,000 a year, the rise income still wouldn’t suffice to preserve our lifestyle.

Before you make a step just for higher pay, stop and think about the expense of living. We’ve more non reusable earnings where we’re at now than we’d have in Manhattan – even if we were making even more cash. Cost of living matters more than you may think, and should be a major part of the decision procedure when it concerns accepting a task.