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Target clients worried about the security of their charge card data are now in excellent business: last Saturday, customers of high-end merchant Neiman Marcus woke up to the information that their charge card details might also have been stolen in a large-scale information breach.

According to ABC Information, which reported on details from the Associated Press, officials at Neiman Marcus became concerned a couple of weeks ago that customers’ payment details could’ve been jeopardized by fraudsters. An investigation was conducted, and by the first of the year their worst worries were validated: buyers at Neiman Marcus stores were undoubtedly sufferers of a major hacking scheme, and a few of their individual data might’ve been taken.

The details of the Neiman Marcus information breach have yet to be fully revealed. As an example, it’s still not known precisely the number of people are impacted or precisely when the data breach took place. Nonetheless, it’s unlikely that the Neiman Marcus hacking will influence nearly as lots of people as the comparable event that occurred at Target– Neiman Marcus just has 40 stores in the UNITED STATE

The Associated Press reports that there’s need to think that the Target and Neiman Marcus information breaches may be related, however it’s too soon to state with certainty that this holds true.

If you are concerned that your credit or debit card information can have been taken, make certain to take the following steps:

  • Be vigilant— look over your charge card and bank statements to be sure that no deceptive charges have actually been made
  • Stay informed— check your charge card’s website often for updates about any action you may have to take
  • Don’t panic— federal law limitations your liability to $50 in case deceptive charges are made, so don’t bother with a thief maxing out your charge card and getting stuck to the bill