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One nearly inescapable bank charge is the out-of-network ATM charge, which is a percentage you’ve to shell out when you take out cash at an ATM that isn’t from your bank.

These costs are typically low, however if you frequently make journeys to the ATM and there are not lots of branches close to where you live or work, you could be turning over a nice chunk of modification to your bank.

See the table below and compare the out-of-network ATM bank fees for the ten most significant banks across America.

Comparing Out-of-Network ATM Fees: Spring 2013

Bank Fee
Bank of America $2
Chase $2, $2.5 in IN, KY, TX
Wells Fargo $2.50
Citibank $2
U.S. Bank $2.50
Capital One $2
Suntrust $2
TD Bank $2.50
PNC Bank $2.50
BB&T $2.50

These costs are for the state of New York, and the majority of banks have constant fees across the country, however always guarantee that by contacting your bank. Costs are usually found under the Checking Account sections on a bank’s website.