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Chase Liberty and Discover It are 2 cash back charge card that are frequently compared versus one another since of their comparable features. In addition to having no annual costs, both cards offer 5 % cash back on purchases in particular classifications that alter every quarter. However, if you are considering one of the 2 cards, their 2014 cash back calendars and slight distinctions in card benefits will drive your choice.

The Chase Liberty and Discover It card programs require cardmembers to register to receive 5 % cash back on quarterly-rotating classifications, which are usually suitable for the matching season. (Both cards supply 1 % money back on all various other purchases.)

By understanding the bonus money back categories for any particular quarter, cardmembers can prepare their purchases to make the most of the amount of money back that they receive from shopping.

Chase released the 5 % cash back categories for the whole 2014 year while Discover only discloses the money back classifications in the months prior to a new quarter starts. Nonetheless, Discover hinted at the styles – with images on its site – for bonus cash back classifications for 2014. Compared to 2013’s quarterly classifications, it appears that 2014’s quarterly classifications will be the very same. (Note: Discover can change these categories at any time.)

Compare the two cards’ 5 % cash back categories for 2014:

2014 Quarter Chase Freedom Discover It
Q1 (Jan. – March) Gas stations, movie theaters and Starbucks stores Restaurants and movies
Q2 (April – June Restaurants and Lowe’s home renovation stores * Image: Paint roller (2013 – House renovation)
Q3 (July – Sept.) Gas stations and Kohl’s * Image: Car’s gas meter (2013 – Filling station)
Q4 (Oct. – Dec.) Amazon. com, and select department stores * Image: Gift ribbon (2013 – Online shopping)

Chase is providing 5 % cash back on gas for two quarters of the year, which may be appealing to if you drive often. Additionally, Chase provides 5 % money back at throughout the holiday – with a huge potential for gift-givers.

Unlike Chase, Discover doesn’t generally restrict their 5 % money back classifications to specific merchants, which could come as a benefit to certain consumers. For instance, if you want to shop at a home renovation establishment, however not Lowe’s particularly, you can still earn 5 % cash back.

Both cards have a $1,500 optimum spending on 5 % cash back categories per quarter. So, the overall money back that you can make through those classifications is $75 per quarter. Spending in unwanted of that quantity will make the conventional 1 % money back.

Benefits beyond cash back programs

If the money back programs don’t play into your choice procedure, then other card benefits will help assist you to your option in between the Chase Freedom and Discover It cards.

Chase Freedom provides a 10 % bonus on the quantity of money back that you earn when you likewise have a Chase checking account.

Discover It does haven’t penalty APRs, no charge for the first late payment and no foreign deal fees. One cool perk is a cost-free FICO credit rating every month.