The central Washington coast offers some of the most affordable coastal living along the Pacific.

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The main Washington coast offers a few of the most economical seaside living along the Pacific.

The Pacific coastline of the United States is an enchanting place to live, however it comes at a rate. Coastlines have the tendency to demand higher estate prices, which often also fuel up the cost of local goods and services. The expense of residing in Alaska and Hawaii runs high due to their remote places, and high tax rates are an obstacle to affordable living in the mainland Pacific coast states of California, Oregon and Washington. The neighborhood of Aberdeen, Wash., provides the total most budget friendly location on the water along the entire U.S. Pacific coast.


Comprising over one-third of the ordinary American household spending plan, real estate costs are a considerable factor in affordability. The average residence rate in Aberdeen is just $137,000, compared to $242,000 for the whole nation. Residence prices right here balance less than one-third the expense of equivalent houses in Seattle. There are various residences on the market in Aberdeen for far less than the mean cost, with move-in prepared estates on devoted lots starting as low as $70,000. Rental rates in Aberdeen are economical also, with a typical two-bedroom apartment renting for $595 per month.

Cost of Living

The national cost-of-living index includes the expense of energies, food, personal items and gas. Aberdeen and its immediately adjoining areas are the only towns on the entire Pacific coastline with a cost-of-living index that’s less than the nationwide average. Due to the abundance of low-cost hydroelectric power in the Pacific Northwest, utility rates are among the most affordable in the country. Food expenses are a little higher than the national average, due mainly to Aberdeen’s one-hour driving distance from a major transport passage. In your area grown vegetables and fruits are readily available with a prolonged expanding period, as is locally caught seafood.


Washington state citizens benefit from no state earnings tax, however that’s countered by the 2nd highest state sales tax rate in the country. Aberdeen homeowners pay an incorporated state and regional sales tax rate of 8.4 %. Washington state as a whole has fairly high property taxes, and Grays Harbor County locals pay $11.32 per $1,000 in examined resale value on their residences, which is a little above the national average. This exercises to a $1,550 yearly property tax expense on an average priced home.

Aberdeen’s Downsides

Despite a stunning setting precisely the water and an overall low cost of living, Aberdeen does have its downsides. With a population under 100,000 in the greater location, job opportunities can be tough to come by. The location has an unemployment rate that about 50 percent higher than the nationwide average, mainly due to current closures of a number of paper pulp mills in the location. Provided its small size, Aberdeen also lacks a few of the big city cultural amenities and activities that some individuals could delight in. Nevertheless, Aberdeen sits in between the cities of Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash., each of which is about a two-hour drive away.