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Last week, Carl Icahn released yet another open letter to Apple, (NASDAQ: AAPL) Chief Executive Officer Tim Chef, applauding his job, calling for additional share buybacks, and also setting an overpriced assessment price quote. This moment, Icahn asserts that Apple stock deserves $240.

That’s greater than 80 % above Apple’s recent investing rate, and also it’s greater than four times the low point Apple stock struck simply 2 years ago.

However, this evaluation price quote hinges on unlikely forecasts of Apple’s future growth, in addition to aggressive bookkeeping. Apple stock still has a lot of upside, however it isn’t worth $240, as well as investors should not expect to view it attack that degree anytime soon.

Roses all around

Throughout his open letter, Icahn declares that he’s being conservative. However Icahn’s projections of Apple’s growth are much from conservative– with the exemption of his forecast for iPhone profits development of simply 2.3 % in FY16 and also 6.7 % in FY17.

For instance, Icahn writes with confidence that Apple will start offering its very own branded TELEVISION next year as well as an ‘Apple Car’ by 2020. In doing this, he is simply spitting up rumors that have actually currently made the rounds long ago.

The concept that Apple would certainly make a television has a specifically lengthy history. Noted Apple analyst Genetics Munster has been boasting the impending arrival of an Apple-branded TV virtually continually since 2009. Yet while Apple had actually been working with a TV, it shelved the job a lot more compared to a year back, according to a current Wall Road Journal report.

Munster approved the noticeable truth: that he was wrong. So far, Icahn has chosen not to do the very same. And he has huge wish for Apple’s (probably missing) TELEVISION: sales of 25 million units by FY17 (its initial complete year on the marketplace) at an average selling rate of $1,500. That would certainly yield $37.5 billion in revenue– even more annual earnings than any type of non-iPhone item category has ever before achieved.

But that’s not the only item that Icahn sees flying off the racks. He anticipates Apple Watch to reach 10 million unit sales by the end of the existing financial year (with a lot less than six months of availability) at an ordinary asking price of $600.

While this estimation seems really plausible, Icahn anticipates Apple Watch income to rise to $45 billion by FY17: its second complete year on the market.

Thus, Icahn is counting on a product that merely attacked the market– to mixed testimonials, no a lot less– and one that could not also exist to be two of Apple’s 3 biggest product lines in merely two years. Is it possible? Probably. It’s absolutely not conventional, as well as it’s not a solid foundation for financial projections.

As for the supposed Apple Car, that product is even a lot more speculative. While there have actually been bunches of reports regarding Apple getting in the car business, that’s no different than the lots of reports about Apple going into the TV business, which appear to have actually come to absolutely nothing. Apple may be investigating the vehicle market, however that doesn’t suggest it will certainly follow up by building a car.

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Aggressive accounting

Icahn compounds his glowing development projections for Apple’s non-iPhone product using some innovative bookkeeping to juice Apple’s earnings.

Icahn has actually repeatedly firmly insisted that Apple’s earnings ought to be modeled as if it has a 20 % tax obligation price, also though the firm often reports an efficient tax rate around 26 % and the UNITED STATE statutory company tax obligation price is 35 %. His reason is that 20 % approximates Apple’s ‘cash’ tax obligation price because it builds up (but does not pay) repatriation taxes on several of its international earnings.

However, Apple’s untaxed foreign profits are stuck beyond the UNITED STATE, as well as they will certainly stay abroad unless Apple is ready to pay repatriation tax obligations of around 35 %. To continue paying its returns and also redeeming stock– not to mention ramping up its buybacks, as Icahn really wants– Apple will certainly need to release a growing number of financial obligation or bring home (and pay tax obligations on) foreign cash.

For now, Apple could proceed down the financial obligation course as its outright financial obligation worry remains really convenient and also interest rates are near historical lows. As Apple’s debt worry expands as well as passion rates rise, it will come to be much less and also less feasible for Apple to decrease its tax problem in this manner.

Thus, in the long run Apple will certainly have to pay the complete 35 % tax return price if it really wants to utilize any of its global incomes. Icahn’s estimations can therefore be overemphasizing Apple’s ‘true’ incomes by greater than 20 % simply through his hostile tax obligation assumption.

Of training course, it’s feasible that the U.S. will at some point lower its corporate tax obligation price. However unless it also transfers to a ‘territorial’ system where foreign profits are never strained, a tax obligation code adjustment would certainly profit essentially all companies, not simply Apple.

Optimism run wild

There are a lot of needs to such as Apple, both as a business and as a stock. For Apple to be worth $240, as Carl Icahn claims, a great deal of things need to go right.

Demand for the Apple Watch will have to skyrocket over the next 2 years. Apple has to present a TELEVISION and also a car– and both items need to be incredibly successful. And in the meanwhile, Apple cannot cannibalize any of its major present-day product, that include the apple iphone, iPad, and also Mac. Also if this all goes baseding on strategy, Icahn counts on some hostile tax accounting to justify his $240 reasonable worth estimate.

All of this makes Icahn’s quote appear a lot a lot more like an ideal instance scenario compared to a conservative reasonable worth quote. Apple stock might be worth $240 if every little thing goes. There are a whole lot of methods that Apple could possibly fall short of Icahn’s lofty expectations, justifying a significantly reduced valuation.

Adam Levine-Weinberg is lengthy January 2016 $80 calls on Apple, short January 2016 $120 calls on Apple, and also brief January 2016 $140 calls on Apple. The Motley Fool advises Apple. The Motley Fool has shares of Apple.